LC Champs

This past weekend in Pasco, WA was hot weather with some smokin’ swims by team CAST. We ended the meet with Women’s team taking 2 nd  and Men’s team taking 4 th  with a combined 3 rd  place team finish. It was definitely a team effort with 40 of our 47 swimmers attending scoring points. We had numerous best times by swimmers in all training groups, and some of those best times had not broken for over two years, but were shot down during the meet. We had two swimmers take high point for their respected age groups. A huge congratulations to Tristan Whiting and Logan Robillard.


There we so many best times across the board it may be best check to meet mobile and check out all the great time drops by CAST Swimmers. We also had some very notable swims, for the All-Time Top 10 CAST Performers and Team Records.

Top 10 Performers

1. Logan Robillard

a. 400 Free- #7 (4:30.56)

b. 1500 Free #3 (18:12.20)

2. Tristan Whiting

a. 1500 Free #6 (18:23.62)

b. 100 Breast #8 (1:15.42)

c. 200 Breast #7 (2:43.49)

d. 400 IM #8 (5:08.98)

3. Micah Sharples

a. 800 Free #10 (10:34.28)


Team Records- Special shout out to Riley Taylor who held the team record in the 50 Fly from prelims to finals and then better her time in finals, but out touched by her teammate Gabby. It was the race of the weekend to see teammates push each other to the max.

1. Gabby Garasky- 11-12 Girls

a. 100 Back 1:13.22

b. 200 Back 2:38.06

c. 50 Fly 31.67

d. 100 Fly 1:11.08


Next up are the Swimmers that conquered every event they swam with a time drop (with no disqualifications):


1. Pema Anain

2. Gabby Garasky

3. Avery Gephart

4. Ryan Heick

5. Ethan Linford

6. Alyssa Michalk

7. Logan Robillard

8. Riley Taylor

9. Abby Whiting



The above are very impressive swims by some individuals. We also had some outstanding relays.

● 10 and Under Girls placed second in both 200 Medley and 200 Free relay with Erin

Griffith, Maggie Sobek, Tillie Sobek and Quinn Taylor.

● 12 and Under Boys took fifth in 200 Medley and 200 Free Relay with Luke Fredekind,

Steve Griffith, Ben Linford, and Zach Linford.

● 12 and Under Girls manage a second place finish in the 200 Medley Relay with Pema

Anain’s arrival and joining Gabby Garasky, Lauren Stephens and Riley Taylor.

● 14 and Under Girls put together two fourth place finish in 400 Medley and 400 Free relays placed fourth with Emma Fredekind and Julia Peirce on both relays. Gabby Garasky and Alahna Lien completed the 400 medley relay. Camryn Carr and Alyssa Michalk finished off the 400 Free relay.

● 15 and Over Ladies took 4th place on both 400 Medley 400 Free Relays led by Micah Sharples and Taylen Zahnow, who competed on both relays. Josie Jennings and Micah Hudlet joined in the fun on the 400 Medley relay. Abbey Whiting and Hope McWilliams led off the 400 Free relay.

● 15 and Over Gentlemen placed 3rd in the 400 Medley and 400 Free relays. Henry Schmick, Josh Hudlet, led off the 400 Medley relay. Lanis Webb, Lance Mielke held the middle of the 400 Free relay together with Ethan Downing and Tristan Whiting taking care of the start and finish and cleaning up at the end of the 400 Medley relay.


Last swimmer to mention in my mind is Ryan Heick. Ryan is an up and coming swimmer and is regularly one of the hardest workers at practice and whose work ethic payed off big time at LC Champs. Ryan dropped time in every event she swam from a double digit drop in 400 Free to significant time drops in sprint events like the 100 Breaststroke. When she finaled in the top 7 or top 14 she dropped even more time in the evening despite the 100+ degree temperatures. Her positive attitude toward every swim was contagious at the coaches table. It was never a question if she would do well, but how much faster could she get in each race. This goes to show there is so substitute for a focused positive attitude and hard work.


Coach Jade’s Special note:

This was a very special meet to myself and my family. It feels like we have completed a cycle in our life and are blessed to share it with our new CAST family. I look back on the weekend and saw everyone supporting each other. Parents were cheering on all swimmers. I do not want to forget about the swimming either. There is enormous potential for all swimmers performances in the pool with all the great things seen out at the pool this weekend. I think there is a something great just around the corner for CAST and I can’t wait to be there with all of you. Thanks for such a special year of coaching, it is one I will never forget.



At Senior Zones, At Futures, and At Junior Nationals look forward to more to come from CAST soon!