Medal Madness and Futures Championship Meet Summary!

Medal Madness and Futures Championship Meet Summary! 

Select Swim finished out its Long Course 2018 Season with Medal Madness and Futures Championship. The Medal Madness is a unique and fun meet that gives medals out to two heat winners. This is one of our favorite meets to attend because it is consistently the meet with the highest turnout, with over 1/3 of the team attending! Select Swim earned lots of medals and the entire coaching staff had a great time watching the swimmers drop time and have fun with their friends! We would like to give a special shoutout to Noah Martinez and Cynthia Zhao who have advanced from Bronze to Silver based on their performances in this meet. Way to go everyone!!


Meanwhile in Minnesota at the Futures Championship, some of Select's most senior swimmers finished out their season (and some of them their swimming careers with Select), at a national-level meet. Four Futures Championships are held every summer; these meets separate the country into 4 divisions and each division hosts the fastest swimmers in the area. The qualifications for this meet are some of the fastest within USA Swimming, just a step below Junior Nationals and faster than Sectionals. Select brought a relay for the 400 Freestyle and the 400 Medley, and each swimmer that attended had at least 1 best time. Don't forget to check your email for the registration link for next season!! We can't wait to see what we can accomplish during Short Course 2018-2019!!

Here are the highlights:


Medal Madness:

Gaby Alba
200 Freestyle-matched best time
100 Butterfly-dropped 3.68s
Sam Arcayna
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.82s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.41s
200 IM-dropped 7.79s
Matthew Beard
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.20s
Alexandra Bearden
50 Backstroke-dropped 1.90s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.84s
50 Butterfly-dropped 2.47s
100 IM-dropped 3.82s
Tate Bladon
100 Breaststroke-dropped 2.84s
Andrew Chen
100 Breaststroke-dropped 7.47s
100 Freestyle-dropped 12.46s
50 Backstroke-dropped 5.14s
50 Breaststroke-dropped 2.33s
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.39s
50 Butterfly-dropped 1.61s
Bryan Chen
50 Backstroke-dropped 4.23s
50 Breaststroke-dropped 2.38s
50 Butterfly-dropped 3.27s
100 IM-dropped 8.02s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 11.24s
100 Freestyle-dropped 8.55s
100 Butterfly-dropped 15.09s
Vincent Chen
200 Breaststroke-dropped 19.21s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.19s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.70s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.71s
100 Butterfly-dropped 0.50s
Joseph Choi
200 Breaststroke-dropped 5.31s
Audrey Clark
50 Freestyle-matched best time
100 Backstroke-dropped 1.35s
100 Butterfly-dropped 1.79s
Julia Cole
100 Backstroke-dropped 2.44s
Amelia Costantini
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.70s
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.84s
200 IM-dropped 4.70s
Rachel Easton
200 Breaststroke-dopped 5.67s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.11s
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.69s
200 IM-dropped 11.30s
Daniel Fu
50 Backstroke-dropped 1.04s
50 Breaststroke-dropped 1.72s
200 Breaststroke-dropped 1.00s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.74s
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.12s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.61s
100 Freestyle-dropped 2.17s
100 Butterfly-dropped 5.75s
Emma Gnidziejko
200 Breaststroke-dropped 2.91s
500 Freestyle-dropped 12.35s
200 Freestyle-dropped 1.81s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.97s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.32s
200 IM-dropped 2.23s
Laney Gnidziejko
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.60s
100 Backstroke-dropped 5.39s
200 Freestyle-dropped 1.37s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.64s
Alexandria Jaimes
50 Freestyle-matched best time
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.13s
Hailey Jones
200 Breaststroke-dropped 11.01s
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.57s
100 Backstroke-dropped 2.35s
200 Freestyle-dropped 7.54s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.55s
100 Freestyle-dropped 2.84s
Justin Jung
100 Freestyle-dropped 5.58s
Eleanna Martinez
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.50s
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.75s
200 IM-matched best time
Noah Martinez
50 Backstroke-dropped 2.08s
50 Breaststroke-dropped 5.19s
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.84s
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.86s
100 Freestyle-dropped 3.89s
Isabela Moreno
200 Backstroke-dropped 0.31s
Kyndle Paton
50 Backstroke-dropped 1.04s
50 Breaststroke-best time
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.30s
100 IM-dropped 2.35s
100 Backstroke-dropped 1.88s
200 Freestyle-matched best time
200 IM-dropped 2.92s
Gray Ramsey
200 Breaststroke-dropped 6.67s
500 Freestyle-dropped 11.31s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 4.26s
200 IM-dropped 0.27s
Andrew Roman
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.78s
100 Backstroke-dropped 1.95s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 1.49s
Vivek Sundararaman
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.79s
100 Backstroke-dropped 2.50s
200 Freestyle-dropped 7.77s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.47s
100 Butterfly-dropped 1.22s
Austin Urbine
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.55s
Prazul Wokhlu
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.18s
Cynthia Zhao
50 Backstroke-dropped 0.94s
50 Breaststroke-dropped 1.38s
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.31s
100 Backstroke-dropped 4.24s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 3.44s
100 Freestyle-dropped 3.43s
Michael Zhao
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.60s
500 Freestyle-dropped 17.33s
100 Backstroke-dropped 1.72s
200 Freestyle-dropped 3.28s
100 Freestyle-dropped 1.12s
200 IM-dropped 8.54s
Futures Championship:
James Baldwin
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.60s
Jack Easton
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.13s
Andi Spiride
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.21s
100 Backstroke-dropped 0.23s
200 Backstroke-dropped 0.60s