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  • Divisionals: LST had a great weekend of racing in Franklin at the Divisional Championship meet. We had loads of best times, finals swimmers, and podium award winners. Congratulations to all the Divisional Athletes that competed this weekend:

Tyler Birkla     Sophie Bradburn     Ashton Burns     Everett Burns     Ella Carrillo     Santiago Cutchin     Dom Daggy     Wes Drake     Tristan Eckert     Jaden Epps         Vivian Evans     Elizabeth Fritz-Kent     Matthew Fritz-Kent     Joe Grese               Anthony Kelly     Emerson Lehan     Carol Ludington     Eli Miller     Molly Miller     Elaine Ostendorf     Gabby Peck     Rachel Peck     Jacob Penrose     Emma Pletcher     Eve Roberson     Evan Sass     Alana Thompson     Lance Thompson     Maisy Trippner     Christopher Tran     Paul Turberg     Brielle Vail

  • Fall/Winter Registration 8/13: We will be opening registration for the next season on August 13. Mark your calendars! All members, must register every season. If you are a returning member, make sure you indicate that when you click on the registration and it is a quick process.

  • Fall/Winter Calendar: The group specific fall/winter calendar is now available online under the “ Group Calendars” tab. Make sure you select the group you would like to view from the dropdown menu. Our first day back will be Tuesday, September 4th!

  • Bedrock: What happened to the Bedrock Group!? We have had some questions regarding the bedrock group. Fear not, the bedrock group and the foundation group has simply been absorbed into one group. The coaching, fun, games, and training level will not change! It will still be as fun as it always has been (hopefully even more fun). It is just now called something different!

  • Speedo Sponsorship: We are proud to announce that last week we signed a deal with Speedo for them to become our official team sponsor! This comes with many perks like team discounted gear, apparel, equipment, etc… We will be a Speedo team for the next 4 years at least. We are proud to have them on board and every member will receive benefit.

  • Making Waves: Making Waves USA, located at 6935 Lake Plaza Dr. Ste. B6, Indianapolis, IN, 46220, just off of Binford Ave. is our official team dealer. LST members will be able to enjoy a 20% off retail price on almost everything in the store plus a bonus discount on LST gear provided by Speedo! We will also have a team page link on our website where all ordering can be made and orders, should you so choose, can be delivered straight to your door.







4th grade and under

John & Jen

Groups will be determined on current grade of athlete. Athlete grade level will go up effective beginning of the fall season. Each group will have 2 coaches assigned to the group. Groups will be divided internally based on ability and specific needs of the athletes at the group coaches’ discretion.


5th & 6th grade

Quincy & John


7th & 8th grade

TBD & Quincy


High School

Joel, Jen, Kris & TBD


  • Fall Meet Schedule: Here is the most up to date fall meet schedule. This will also be available online under the “Group Calendars” link at the top of the LST homepage.


Coach’s Segment

Well this officially marks the end of the season. I want to thank everyone, the swimmers, coaching staff, board of directors, and parents for their support over the first couple of months. I am so excited to see what the future holds for LST. The best days of the club are coming, and we are committed to providing the very best experiences for our athletes and the community of Lawrence. We have a lot of new and excited changes, programming and other things coming this fall. See everyone back on September 4th!

If anyone has any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc… please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at:, (317) 517-5348