Update #1 from Coach Jeri at Pan Pacs

Hello Thunder from super sunny Southern California!

The week of Nationals was a really hot one averaging 101-104 each day.   The week of training camp in Dana Point was still in the 90's and the water at Soka University in Aliso Viejo was 84 degrees when USA Swimming's Pan Pac team showed up for practice.   One of USA Swimming's staff and myself got on the phone and called all the teams in SoCal that had aerators (water cannons that cool of pools) and since there were still meets going on they were all in use.   We then called all the San Diego teams and came up dry.    I started racking my brain for other ideas when I remembered a conversation that Coach Allyson and I had about a week prior to my heading out to join the Pan Pac team.    She had told me how she had made aerators for a team she had coached in Arkansas.    So I called her and she explained to Bryce Elser (USA Swimming director of open water) how she made them and off we went to home depot.    Home depot and Lowes didn't have what we needed so we called a commercial pool supply place.   They had no idea what we were doing but got interested and ended up building them for us based on off Coach Allyson's description....    So it was 2 Memphis Thunder coaches who cooled off the pool that the USA Swimming Pan Pac athletes trained in!   Heading off to Tokyo so my next blog will be from there! 

Coach Jeri