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12-Under Champ Meets Wrap-up

12-Under Champ Meets Wrap-up

A huge congrats to all members of our 12-Under team on their outstanding performance over the last few weeks of the season.  Our championship season was one of the best in recent years thanks to the preparation and effort of our swimmers and coaches.  Below are some highlights from our 12-Under State Championship Meet and the Phoenix members of Team Wisconsin at the Central Zone Championship Meet in Minneapolis last weekend.

12-Under State Championship

Team Scoring:  The 12-Under State Team placed 5th overall in the meet with 959.5 points, our highest place and point total since 2012.  It was a 224-point improvement from last summer’s total.  Our 10-Unders were the second highest scoring team, racking up 546 of our team points, the girls were second and the boys were 4th.  The 11-12 swimmers added another 413 points, with the girls placing 9th and the boys 4th.

Team Relay Record:  The 11-12 Boys relay of Henry Williams, Tyler Hartman, Andrew Harshbarger and Tanner Hansen established a new team record in the 200 Medley Relay with a time of 2:12.16, beating the 8-year-old record by 1.8 seconds.

Relay Scoring:  The 10-Under Girls were our top placing relay, with the A team taking second in the Medley (Sara Wiedoff, Cate Wisener, Julianna Drake, Piper Moede) and 200 Free relay (Drake, Wiedoff, Moede and Allison Gordon).  The 10-Under B relays also scored well with a 6th in the Medley (Lara Manter, Kate Lucyshyn, Gordon and Raylea Richmond) and 10th in the Free Relay (Richmond, Lucyshyn, Wisener and Sofia Schouten).

Likewise, the 10-Under boys scored with both the A and B relays with the A relay taking a pair of 4ths in the 200 Free and Medley (Finn Nelson, Max Klockow, Braeden Hansen and Caleb Alsum) and the B taking 10th in the Free and 15th in the Medley (Dean Amble, Niall Parkins, Joshua Haase and Zachary Haase).

The 11-12 Boys relays, all consisting of Henry Williams, Tyler Hartmann, Andrew Harshbarger and Tanner Hansen took 3rd in the 200 Medley and 4th in the 200 Free, 400 Medley and 400 Free Relays.

The 11-12 Girls A teams were 9th in both the 200 and 400 Medley (Audrey Worgull, Courtney Sarozek, Dani Stemper and Laney Brummer) and the 200 Free Relay (Sophia Drake, Stemper, Brummer and Grace Kaczmarek.  The 400 free relay team added a 12th place finish (Stemper, Brummer, Sarozek and Allison Lucyshyn).

Individual Scoring Leaders:  Tyler Hartmann led the Phoenix in point scoring compiling 88 points with a 2nd in the 50 back, 3rd in both the 50 and 100 breast, 6th in the 200 IM and 7th in the 50 free.  Sara Wiedoff added 82 points with four 3rd place finishes in the 50 and 100 breast, 50 and 100 fly, a 7th in the 100 back and an 11th in the 50 back.  Our top scoring 10-Under boy was Finn Nelson, amassing 62 points with a 4th in the 400 free, 6th in the 200 and 200 IM, 8th in the 100 free, 11th in the 100 fly and a 12th in the 50 fly.  11-12 Girls scoring was led by Dani Stemper, who chipped in 48 points with a 5th in the 400 IM, 8th in the 50 free, 9th in the 50 fly, 10th in the 100 fly and 200 IM.

Other top 8 finishers were Cate Wisener with a pair of 4ths in the 50 and 100 breast, Braeden Hansen with another pair of 4ths in the 50 and 100 breast, Julianna Drake took 4th in the 50 free and Piper Moede placed 6th twice, in the 50 and 100 free and 8th in the 50 breast.  Henry Williams was 6th in the 100 and 200 back, Tanner Hansen was 6th in the 200 breast and 8th in the 50 and 100 breast.  Wrapping up our top 8 finishers was Caleb Alsum with a 7th in the 400 free.

Scoring individual points for the team finishing 9-16th:

Julianna Drake (9th 50 fly, 9th 100 free, 14th 50 back)

Allison Gordon (12th 50 back)

Piper Moede (12th 100 Breast, 16th 50 back)

Raylea Richmond (11th 100 back, 16th 200 IM)

Kate Lucyshyn (12th 50 breast)

Cate Wisener (16th 50 fly)

Laney Brummer (9th 200 Free, 15th 200 Fly, 16th 400 free)

Courtney Sarozek (14th 100 breast)

Caleb Alsum (9th 100 Free, 11th 50 free and 200 free, 13th 100 fly)

Maxwell Klockow (11th 400 Free, 13th 50 back, 14th 100 back)

Braeden Hansen (11th 200 IM, 14th 50 Free)

Niall Parkins (16th 100 Back)

Henry Williams (9th 50 back, 13th 200 Free)

Tanner Hansen (16th 50 Free)

Andrew Harshbarger (15th 50 Fly)


Central Zone Championship

12-Under swimmers with a AAA National Time Standard are eligible to compete for Team Wisconsin in the Central Zone Championship Meet, held at the University of Minnesota this year.  Triple A swimmers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota compete in the 4-day meet representing their home state.  We were very proud to have contributed 11 swimmers to Team Wisconsin this year.  The kids did a great job in the meet, gaining valuable experience competing at the next competitive level.  Two Lake Country swimmers cracked the top 8 in the meet with Sara Wiedoff placing 7th in the 50 fly and 8th in the 100 fly.  Tyler Hartman also placed 8th in the 50 breast.  All the individual results Phoenix swimmers competing at this high-level age group meet are below:

Sara Wiedoff (7th 50 fly, 8th 100 fly, 9th 200 IM and 100 breast, 13th 50 breast and 39th 50 back)

Tyler Hartmann (8th 50 back, 12th 100 breast, 15th 50 breast, 17th 50 free, 18th 100 back)

Braeden Hansen (11th 100 breast)

Julianna Drake (14th 50 free, 34th 100 free)

Finn Nelson (17th 200 free)

Dani Stemper (22nd 50 fly, 34th 50 free)

Henry Williams (23rd 100 back)

Cate Wisener (25th 50 breast)

Piper Moede (26th 100 free, 34th 50 free)

Ally Gordon (45th 50 back)

Laney Brummer (48th 200 free)