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Registration/Open House FAQ's and New Stuff for 2018-2019!

Registration/Open House FAQ's and New Stuff for 2018-2019!

Here's a plethora of information regarding the 2018-2019 Season, including some registration questions, Open House questions, and some new enhancemnets for this year:


Register NOW and you only have to pay the registration fee, the monthly fees start on Sept 15th, August is FREE!  At some point in August we will have to change that to registration PLUS first month fees (draft would start Oct 15th) so please register now for that delayed billing!  We are also ordering the caps, magnets, and t-shirts so we are needing somewhat accurate numbers, THANK YOU!

We are beginning to see several groups fill up.  Spears YMCA is essentially full, although we do have 3 Age Group spots left for the 5:45-7:30pm groups (swimmers must be able to do a 100 IM, 50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, and 50 free to be in our Age Group classes).  Several of the Bryan YMCA Makos 1/2 groups (mainly at 3:30/4:30pm) are beginning to fill up, with just a few spots left.  We have several Jr Makos classes full, but also several openings.  GAC, Ragsdale, Hayes-Taylor, Reidsville, and the rest of Bryan YMCA groups have plenty of openings BUT please register ASAP, we start nromal sites/groups August 27th!


Open House:

YES: You are able to come as much as you want!

YES: All swimmers are welcomed at Ragsdale on Saturday morning, you do not have to be registered at just that site.

YES: We do have roaming coaches available for questions/answers and specific evaluations for swimmers to identify what level he/she should sign-up for!  

NO: We don't have Open House for our Jr Makos - HOWEVER we are planning a SPECIAL JUNIOR MAKOS DAY next week, more details to follow!  Our Jr Makos program is designed for kids in his/her final year of preschool who need an in-water coach and/or who want to swim for his/her summer team for 2019!  You do not have to make a length of the pool yet, just comfortable in the water!


NEW for 2018-2019:

Makos Fit:  Takes the place of Makos 3 and our FLEX option from the last few years.  The class is aimed at Middle School and High School swimmers who need MORE than our traditional Makos groups BUT cannot committ to requirements of our Sr Prep, Senior, or National groups.  The class is 1 hour and 15 minutes, and is $59/month, swimmers pay the lower registration fee ($35) for eligibility in all the non-USA Swimming meets, BUT can also choose to pay the $110 for eligibility in ALL meets.  The class is Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings, and swimmers DO NOT have to pick M/W or T/TH, they can just come any of those days.  

Senior Group at Bryan YMCA moved to GAC: We have a smaller National 1/2 group, and we have created Makos Fit for part-time and/or Senior Development type swimmers, so Senior Group we are moving to GAC to keep all high schoolers together.  You will be doing a SEPARATE practice, for the swim part, just changing locations to get MOST high schoolers practicing at same time/spot, we still have a Senior group at Ragsdale bc that location is a little further away.

Same but did you Know:

  • We have a Morning Only Option for Middle School and High School swimmers that are Senior Prep level & above, lower cost than those prgrams (Senior Prep and Above).  You get up to 6 practices per week, you just have to agree to come in the mornings only when we are less crowded!
  • We have a large homeschool group from 1:30-2:30pm at the Bryan YMCA on MWF, with up to 3 coaches and 3 different levels DEPENDING upon registration numbers!  This is a GREAT option, and if you are homeschooled and are in our higher level groups, we do allow this is a back-up practice on your busy days or when you have conflicts!
  • We will have Flex Fridays still at GAC when available, for Age Group, Senior Prep, Seniors, and National Prep groups.  We are going to pre-announce those Fridays next week then ALSO send our weekly reminders!  You will be able to stay at same site if you are in those groups, OR choose to practice at GAC (all National Prep will be at GAC).

Meet Schedules have been released:


High School Swimmers:

Most of you will be in our National 1/National 2/Senior Groups -  You are ALL practicing at GAC this year Monday-Thursday evenings.  We have the space/coaches and we'd like our committed High School swimmers to TRAIN at the same time, but we will still keep you in 3 separate groups most practices AFTER our joint drylands the first 30 minutes.  We will also be better stay on schedule during the high school swim season and help you focus on the specific championship meets for each of the swimmers.  We will still be offering the Senior Group option at the Ragsdale YMCA since that facility and location is a little further out, Bryan and GAC are close so we're merging.

National 1/National 2/Seniors: You will have 2 enhancemnets to the season, YOGA every Tuesday OR Thursday at GAC beginning at 5:30pm - 6:20pm, before we get in the water at 6:30pm.  We will also have a "breaststroke buddies" group that will work on breaststroke EVERY Friday morning practice before school at GAC.  We will STILL work breaststroke in other practices, and we will STILL offer a non-breaststroke practice on Friday mornings, BUT we feel this stroke is so different we need a specific focus day for our specialists (fly, back, and free compliment each other, but this stroke is a little different).

National 1/National 2: We need everyone to do at least ONE MORNING practice this year/week.  ALL of our championship meets (including your HS champs meets) have prelims in the morning, and if you never have those muscles and yor body activated to swim in the morning, often it's hard to do so in your most important meets, please be ready to committ tod this if you are in our National 1/National 2 groups!

National 1 and National 2 Practice Schedule for 2018-2019

There are 2 other options for HS Swimmers: Makos Fit and Morning Only...Makos Fit was built to handle those swimmers that were only coming 1-3 days/week and/or those swimmers in our former FLEX program (it's also open to Middle School swimmers).  The program is 1 hr and 15 minutes swim only, and is available at the Bryan YMCA and Ragsdale YMCA.  Morning Only is a more affordable option that allows you to come to ALL morning practices, MWF at GAC, TTH at Bryan, both 5:15-7am, as well as our Saturday morning practices.