GCSTO's SwimOutlet Store

GCSTO's SWIMOUTLET Equipment Store

Purchase your team equipment from SwimOutlet for the season. It's easy, it's fast, you pay directly and it is shipped immediately to you. Do so by simply CLICKING HERE. Go to your athletes' level and choose what it is that you need from the items listed there as suggestions for that level. Note that you'll often be given more than one choice for a particular item (say, a kickboard). You won't need both kickboards in this example... simply one of them so feel free to choose whichever item you'd like.


And if it's not already listed in our team store you can STILL order anything that you want from SwimOutlet by simply CLICKING HERE.

2018.2019 Junior Equipment List (Novice, Level 1, 2 & 3)

2018.2019 Senior Equipment List (Level 4 & 5)


For more details about your training equipment needs please go directly to your coach!


NOTE: Even if you are not on GCSTO's team but would like to order swimming equipment, supplies and the like from SwimOutlet please feel free to do so by simply CLICKING HERE.