Welcome Back for another great Season!

Dear Long Beach Aquatics parents & Swimmers: 

The LBA season has begun for 2018-2019 Fall-Winter season. The coaches would like to welcome the new parents, new swimmers and all returnees. This letter will help guide you to know how swimming can help with many questions you may have and keep you informed of our mission as we go forward. 

All our LBA swim team groups are based on age appropriate, stroke development, ability level of a swimmer, experience, etc. Each group will introduce new skills & drills for all 4 competitive strokes during the season. The knowledge of each coach will give your child the proper tools needed to prepare for swim meets. Our number 1 job is to build a foundation, keeping an open mind to each swimmer as we utilize our tool boxes to excel. Starting with encouragement, purpose & realistic goals. 

Practice, practice, practice is the first ultimate step in the sport of swimming. There are many key factors to help you along the way. The three things that matter; 1- let your child acclimate with their teammates; this builds self awareness, character, friendhships & sportsmanship. 2- acceptance to overcome fears with mindsets, controlling their own thoughts, becoming accountable & responsible. 3- Having short term goals to a longer term goal that will later have postive results for direction & purpose. These steps are part of life's lessons, Important & Real!  Much success will be discovered along the path of the individual. It's a process that has ups & downs, a process with obstacles, a process of becoming a self believer. 

Parents want their child to excel no matter the task, but loosing or winning is not the answer, but to compete at their best ability at any given event and being better than the last time is most valuable. The result is completing the hard earned task. The hard work put into practice will give the positive outcome. 

Keeping a well balanced swimmer is crticial to improve one step at a time. The stage set for new & returning swimmers consists of two major things; committment & discipline. These two things will help you understand that it all starts with the involvement and a positive attitude with your swimmer. 

The LBA coaches create the best path for every swimmer no matter the changes or any change that may occur throughout seasons. We will do our best to send out monthly letters with any important information regarding meets, practices and any other information we feel is important. 

Please remember that for the first week or two of the season. finalizing all Swim team training groups will take some time. Unless you have specifically been told otherwise, your swimmer is to report back to the group & Coach they finished the last season with and we will go from there. Swimmers do not automatically move up to a new training group season to season. There are 5 Main LBA training Groups and if each swimmer automatically went to the next group, we would have 8-9-10 year olds in the Senior Elite training group. Each swimmer reamains in each group until the coaching staff feels they have mastered that group and is ready for another level of training. Please have patience! All Swimmers progress at a different rate, and moving a swimmer before they are ready only hinders their development, it does not speed it up! 

Best Regards; LBA Coaching Staff