Meet Commitment/Event Selection
  • Please note swim group meet requirements under the Meets/Events tab for WAT's 3 main swim groups. 
  • Swimmer commitment or decline with coach approval is due by the expected date for reservations. 
  • If a swimmer does not commit or decline by the given date he/she will be committed to the meet and charged accordingly. 
  • Events selection must be completed by the selection deadline date.  Swimmers are expected to swim a full array of events with coaches having the final say approving &/or rejecting events based on ability, meet, & point in season. 
  • Relays are put together by the coaches based on a meet's attendees.  Substitutions may occasionally take place; WAT's relay members will be charged according to WAT's registration materials.
  • Messages for the coach for a given meet should be entered in the "Notes" section of that meet.   

Meets are a team event and every effort should be made to attend and compete as such.