Welcome to RUSH!!! Important Info!!!!

Hello RUSH Families!

Our Fall 2018 Swim Season starts August 27th!!! We are looking forward to getting everyone in the water again!! Please read this email thoroughly as there is quite a bit of information on getting started.

  1. You have all received an email with instructions on how to log in to your swim team account on Please double check that all of your information was entered correctly! If anything is incorrect please email Coach Sam,, and she will get it corrected.


  1. When arriving to practice, please send your swimmers towards the starting blocks to meet with the coaches on deck. All parents are required to sit on the turf, near the entrance gate and the pool steps. Parents are not permitted on the pool deck where practices are being run, per USA swimming regulations. Also, the coaches’ full attention must be on the pool while practice is in session. Coaches are unable to answer questions during practices. If you have a question for a coach please email us at


  1. Click here for your swimmer’s equipment list:


  1. Swimmers are required to have all of their equipment by September 17th. All items can be purchased at D&J Sports, which offers a 10% discount to RUSH members. 


Mark your calendars!  D&J Sports will be hosting us for a RUSH Team Gear Night on Tuesday, September 11, from 5:00 – 7:00pm.  D&J will have samples of team suits for swimmers to try on, and RUSH coaches will be on hand to answer any questions.


  1. Coaches have very few requirements for the swim team uniforms:

    1. Boys are required to have a swimsuit that ties tightly around the waist.

    2. Girls are required to wear a one piece swimsuit, or a suit with a bottom that ties tightly.

    3. Girls and boys with long hair are required to wear a swim cap. When hair is continuously in a swimmer’s face they cannot see where they are going and the hair also gets tangled in their goggles.

    4. Every swimmer is required to have 2 pairs of FITTING goggles. When swimmers have to stop continuously to fix their goggles it is a disruption to practice.

    5. We require all swimmers to wear a team swim cap at meets.  The team cap is available from any coach.  The price is $12, which will be added to your next month’s invoice.

    6. A team swimsuit is not required at meets, but HIGHLY encouraged!  If your swimmer does not wear the team suit to meets, we prefer they wear a black or green swimsuit.


  1. Please be sure to review the requirements and descriptions for your swimmers practice group! All groups are required to attend swim meets! The tentative meet schedule is available through November on our website at


We can’t emphasize enough how important meets are for the development of your swimmer!  Meets provide a way to:

  1. Bond with teammates

  2. Swim fast! (and learn how to race)

  3. Measure progress – not only time on the stopwatch, but also technique and skills

  4. Explore physical and mental limits

Note:  there are several meets in the winter that require qualifying times, so we encourage you to enter your swimmer in as many fall meets as possible!


  1. Once you’ve paid the initial registration fees, you will receive a monthly invoice via email.  This will include the monthly fees for your swimmer’s practice group, along with meet fees and any miscellaneous charges, such as team gear, swim caps, etc. If you pay by check, please drop off all payments to the GHCC member office, in a gold slot on the left side of the door.


We’re looking forward to a GREAT season!!


RUSH Coaches

Samantha Stemmermann

Tracy Nelson

Josh Player