Hotels for the Baylor Meet


I have reached out to the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn Hotel customer service for Room blocks.  Unfortuntately, the Regatta is in town during Nov 2-4th and there are NO hotels that have enough rooms to b lock off for our team.  


The prices for the hotels are varying $120-299!!!  Demand drives up prices!  

Everyone will need to book their own hotel:( for this meet.  

We will be attending our traditional dinner on Saturday night after the last session(swimmer) for the evening at......

Ribs and Loin

  5946 Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Remember....there is an arcade located behind the Ribs and Loin that we usually head to for some fierce Head to Head battles in air hockey.....well for us coaches there is a great deal of screaming and laughing during our head to head battles:).  

Please, PLEASE if you are going get your swimmer's entries in on time..actually EARLY would help the process out for the coaches!



Coach Teresa