By Elaine Haselhuln, Meet Reporter

Photos by Alex Tolkachev at


True to their motto, 85 Northwood Pointe Flash swimmers swam hard and fast as they competed in the Irvine Swim League (ISL) Championships at William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center. In doing so, they earned a total of 569 points, securing a Division III first-place finish and overall ninth-place ranking moving the team up solidly into Division II. Prior to the start of the championship meet, Coach Jonathan Mah was presented with one of the ISL's highly coveted scholarships, as he headed off to Duke University in China .


Showing that records were made to be broken, Flash swimmers broke eight team records at Champs. These swimmers are Taylor Inouye (Girls 13-14 Breaststroke), Christopher Leung (Boys 13-14 Butterfly and Breaststroke), Jeremy Mah (Boys 13-14 Backstroke and Freestyle), Kathleen Overbaugh (Womens 15-18 Backstroke and Freestyle) as well as the Mixed 13-14 Medley Relay team comprised of Jeremy Mah, Christopher Leung, Oliver Allen, and Lauren Kim.


With lightning speed, Christopher Leung raced to touch the wall and claim first place finishes in all of his individual events (Boys 13-14 Butterfly, IM, and Breaststroke) as well as the title of highest scoring boy on the Flash team with 60 points.


Jeremy Mah flashed his might by earning top two medal finishes in all his events (Boys 13-14: 1st in Backstroke, 2nd in IM and 2nd in Freestyle) and scoring 54 points. The top scoring girl, Katerina Tolkachev, earned 45 points for the team while securing top six medal finishes in all three of her events (Girls 11-12: 2nd in Backstroke, 4th in IM and 6th in Freestyle).  


Fifteen additional flash swimmers secured top sixteen finishes in one or more of their events, earning points for the Flash team. These swimmers include: Grace Allen, (Girls 9-10 Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle, 20 points), Oliver Allen (Boys 13-14 Backstroke and Freestyle, 17 points), Mia Berryman (Girls 5-6 Backstroke, 2 points), Sarah Buting (Womens 15-18 Backstroke and Breaststroke, 13 points), Taylor Inouye (Girls 13-14 Breaststroke and IM, 20 points), Lauren Kim (Girls 13-14 Breaststroke and Freestyle, 24 points), Marley King (Womens 15-18 Backstroke and Freestyle, 6 points), Kaitlyn Kong (Girls 13-14 Backstroke, 5 points), Martin Mansonhing (Boys 5-6 Backstroke, 13 points), Kathleen Overbaugh (Womens 15-18 Backstroke and Freestyle, 31 points), Joshua Potter (Mens 15-18 I.M., 5 points), Mutiara Schechinger, (Girls 9-10 Backstroke, Breaststroke and  Freestyle, 43 points), Aleksandra Tolkachev (Girls 7-8 Freestyle, 4 points), Brandon Tung (Boys 11-12 Butterfly and Freestyle, 15 points), and Alexander Wang (Boys 5-6 Freestyle, 12 points).


An astounding 64 Flash swimmers secured time improvements during Champs. The largest time improvement in a single event was captured by Oliver Wiechmann who sliced a whopping 17.96 seconds off his backstroke. Brooke Kesler cut over ten seconds off her breaststroke, and four swimmers cut five or more seconds off their strokes. These swimmers are Jonathan Bogan, Andrew Harper, Max Haymes, and Miles Leung. Swimmers who cut three or more seconds include: Brandon Kao, Libby Kerwin, Kacy Kesler, Kyle Lee, Martin Masonhing, Cooper Mayhew, Caleigh Nystrom, Aimy Tran, and Elyse Wong.


Swimmers with time improvements in one or more events include: Grace Allen, Oliver Allen, Nadia Anan, Brandon Anderson, Kayla Anderson, Mia Berryman, Sarah Buting, Damian Chang, Kayla Cheung, Morgan Choi, Hannah Compton, Ansh Gosain, Meher Gosain, Ellie Heck, Keia Huffman, Joseph Inouye, Taylor Inouye, Claire Kerwin, Ryan Kesler, Lauren Kim, Mark Kim, Marley King, Sean King, Kaitlyn Kong, Dylan Lee, Konner Lee, Christopher Leung, Jeremy Mah, Anders Mortensen, Dane Mortensen, Paige Mortensen, Jayden Moussa-Zahab, Caleigh Nystrom, Emily Odom, Alec Overbaugh, Kathleen Overbaugh, Malcolm Overbaugh, Nicole Peabody, Joshua Potter, Mutiara Schechinger, Grace Schweizer, Ashleigh Spellman, Katerina Tolkachev, Brandon Tung, Sophia Visan, Alexander Wang, Ella Wong, Emily Yokota, Rachel Yokota, and Oliver Zeng.


Formidable race finishes were also exhibited by: Olivia Berryman, Sydney Berryman, Megan Chan, Dolan Chang, Jacob Compton, Erin Heck, Kalli Huffman, Mattix Huffman, Paige Kesler, Ethan Kong, Elisa Kung, Jiarui Li, Chase Mayhew, Cerys McDaid, Kaitlyn Spellman, Aleksandra Tolkachev, Katherine Tung, Mallory Venezia, William Vidal Wallace, Katelyn Vu, and Henry Wiechmann.


In the relays, the Mixed 13-14 Medley Relay team comprised of Jeremy Mah, Christopher Leung, Oliver Allen, and Lauren Kim took home the first place medal and 40 points. Nearly all the Flash medley and freestyle relay teams added to the Flash point tally with point-winning swims from the following teams: 5-6 Medley, 7-8 Medley, 11-12 Medley, and 15-18 Medley, as well as the 5-6 Freestyle, 7-8 Freestyle, 11-12 Freestyle, 13-14 Freestyle and 15-18 Freestyle.


What a sensational finish to a triumphant season! Congratulations to all the Flash swimmers and to the coaches and families who support them! See you on deck next season! GO FLASH!


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