Team Information 2018-19

Dear Families,

Hope you all enjoyed your time off in August and are having a great weekend. This off season I have received numerous emails/texts about kids and families eager to get back, it makes us happy to know there are so many people excited to be apart of our program. To make sure we are all on the same page as the season starts, I will outline a few items in this email. Also, please make sure to read and review the NEW Parent Handbook!

We have a busy first week:

First day of swim is Tuesday September 4th! Please check calendar for times. 

Parent Meeting Wednesday September 5th 6-7pm. All families welcome. 

- MI Team Fitting September 6th 5-8pm The process this year will be different and more efficient than last year. For starters we have two online team stores. For groups Senior, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Blue/White click the top link. MI will have their traveling store at the fitting so you will be able to buy items there and take them home right away. There are other items that you will need to order and they will be delivered later. 

Aquawolves Team store link
Aquawolves Sectional/National Team (Sean and Chris's groups link)

- First Meet is ready for online sign up. PLEASE READ MEET INFORMATION. Go to event, hit edit commitment select yes/no and pick events. 

WE NEED LEAD VOLUNTEERS!! We had a lot of families last year express the desire for more home meets, in order to make this happen I am looking for a group of 5-7 parents to take lead roles in order to run these meets. Thank you to the few that have stepped up to help we greatly appreciate it, but we need more! Please e mail me ASAP if you would like a lead role. We will do a meeting together before hand to discuss the roles and responsibilities. 

- T-shirt sign up is open as well. Make sure to specify Youth/Adult, Size, Number of shirts in the comment box. 

- The meet schedule is up for Short Course Season. Please mark our calendar and review the parent handbook for information on meet signups etc. 

- Please make it a habit to check the calendar once a week. Once November starts we will see a schedule change so please be prepared. 

- We have a team mom that is willing to come in on Fridays to Massage, Cup and Tape. 

- Lastly, please welcome new coach Ashley Peterson! She is the new Seniors coach. She is the head coach of Grandview Men's High School Team. Her vision and excitement is exactly what the senior group needs. We are very excited to have her! 

To put things in perspective with the changes in our high school programs, we ended the summer with over 50 swimmers that achieved Senior Zone qualifying times. Additionally, we had a handful of Sectional qualified swimmers move to the team bringing our National Group number to 65. It is unfair for a group of that size to be coached by one person, so we broke the group in two. This will allows them to get training better suited for their age and their goals. Sean will be the coach of the new Sectional Team, Chris will be coaching the National Team, and Ashley will be coaching the Senior group. It is incredible that we have the high school program we do and we are thankful for your trust in our program as we make the adjustment necessary to serve as diverse a group of athletes as we can.

We know many in the Senior Group are not pleased with the practice number or times, but there was simply no other way to make everything work given the pool space limitations. We continue to seek additional pool space, but it is very hard to find in South Metro Denver. We are hoping to see that this group will develop more consistency and comradery among their group by coming the 4 days that are offered. 


That was a lot of information. Please also make sure to read the parent handbook for more indepth details on the program and changes for the 2018-19 season! 


Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Aquawolves Coaching Staff