Some Summer Swimming - Part II


RW Finale

Sola Akimoto, Amia Kisiler, Noah Kisiler, Adelei Mosterller, Jaden Morse, and Bobby Leetch attended the meet from the Marlin group. Arriving on time, warming up, checking in and out with coaches, and getting to their races are the most important part of their responsibilities. Some DQs to note this time, and some time drops as follows:

Sola: 50 breast- good swim, no DQ, 100 IM time of 1:52.9

Amia: time drop of 3 sec on 25 back, good swim on 50 free time of 46.8

Noah: 3 sec time drop on 50 breast for time of 53.2, good swims on 50 back and 50 free. Unfortunate DQ on 100 breast but Noah is going to be great at this event next time.

Adelei, swam 50s and 100s this time. Great 100 free time of 1:43.6., a 3 sec drop. Adelei will have to watch her two hand touches for the 5-8 category events. 

Jaden’s best event is 50 fly with a time of 45.5. Jaden was checking in/out for everything.

Bobby’s best event remains the freestyle events. Bobby just came off a knee injury so we were happy to see Bobby at the meet.



RW Finale

The Sharks finished their season at the Red/White Finale at Miraleste.  Many had split their time over the summer with JGs and vacations but there were still some great swims and learning opportunities.  The group did a good job checking in and out as well as learning to warm up/down between races.


Ethan Hott:  Ethan has improved greatly over the summer and once he can keep his goggles on for a whole race the drops will be even better.  Ethan broke 1:10 in the 100 free for the first time, swam his first legal 50 breast, and had a 2 sec drop in his 50 fly for a 36.


Armand Khchirian:  Armand has a come a long way after cleaning up his turns/underwaters which paid off with a 12 second drop in the 100 free and getting some legal times in the 50 fly/breast and back.


Jordan Kisiler:  Jordan has been working hard on his strokes and turns going a 1:15 100 free, 1:36 100 breast, and the highlight of the day was his 1:28 100 back with awesome backstroke turns.


Joshua Truong: Joshua showed up ready to race dropping 3 seconds in his 100 breast going 1:32 and then dropping another second in the 50 breast in a quick turnaround and also got a legal 100 IM time.


Seb Bystedt: Seb had a great 100 IM dropping 8 seconds as well as a second drop in 100 breast and also swam his first legal 50 back.


Daniel Zimmerman:  Daniel looked great in his races but still needs to work on checking in/out before races as I'm sure he'd be even faster and drop more time.    




RW Finale

Eryn Arnold (8)

50 Yard Breaststroke: 44.40, -1.48, 1st place

50 Yard Butterfly: 37.73, -2.07, 1st place

100 Yard IM: 1:26.79, -2.47, 1st place

50 Yard Freestyle: 35.57, -0.89, 1st place


Alexander Cutsail (12)

50 Yard Breaststroke: 47.13, -0.32, 5th place

100 Yard IM: 1:43.15, +3.3, 11th place

50 Yard Freestyle: 37.79, +1.19, 13th place


Joaquin DesRochers (11)

50 Yard Breaststroke: 59.76, +3.5, 14th place

50 Yard Backstroke: 45.79, -2.02, 9th place

50 Yard Butterfly: 47.34, +3.95, 12th place

500 Yard Freestyle: 7:26.42, 1st place


Ruka Gorordo (12)

100 Yard Freestyle: 1:21.19, +2.38, 8th place

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1:46.39, +7.09, 10th place

200 Yard IM: 3:05.77, -15.23, 2nd place

50 Yard Freestyle: 34.17, -0.42, 6th place


Marlo Harris (9)

100 Yard Freestyle: 1:29.64, -8.07, 8th place

100 yard Breaststroke: Disqualified

50 Yard Butterfly: 49.29, 7th place

100 Yard IM: 1:37.73, -7.09, 4th place


Pierce Ryan (11)

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1:34.51, 7th place

50 Yard Backstroke: 40.18, -0.54, 4th place

50 Yard Butterfly: 41.04, -3.11, 5th place


Kayla Sun (8)

100 Yard Freestyle: 1:24.36, -1.57, 3rd place

50 Yard Breaststroke: 49.60, -0.48, 4th place

25 Yard Backstroke: 20.33, -2.13, 2nd place

100 Yard IM: 1:32.26, -0.75, 3rd place


Bella Tieman (10)

100 yard Freestyle: 1:22.74, -7.75, 5th place

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1:42.82, 1st place

50 Yard Backstroke: 44.26, -0.77, 5th place

100 Yard IM: 1:33.27, -12.36, 3rd place


Amelia Tucker (10)

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1:45.11, 4th place

50 Yard Breaststroke: Disqualified

50 Yard Backstroke: 43.72, +0.91, 4th place

50 Yard Freestyle: 36.61, -3.43, 6th place


Wren Wical (9)

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1:57.30, 6th place

50 Yard backstroke: Disqualified

50 Yard Butterfly: 54.02, +5.77, 10th place

100 Yard IM: 1:58.54, +7.86



RW Finale

Kotaro Bell- Kotaro swam 4 events for the first time ever at the meet.  He successfully completed 3 of the events.  Kotaro swam the 100s of stroke and 200 IM!

Giya Kiran- Giya achieved 2 best times out of 4 events.  Her biggest time drop came in the 100 IM with four seconds.

Chiyo Shirakata- Chiyo achieved 4 best times out of 4 events.  Her biggest time drop was in the 100 IM with almost four seconds.

Pac Champs

Group Highlights: 42 Best Times, 8 New JO Cuts, 1 First Time JO Qualifier. Every swimmer had at least one best time at the meet.

Jordan Barash - Best times in all of her events. 15th place finish in 100 Fly

Audrey Bonelli - 3 Best times. 11th place finish in 100 Fly

Farah Bowles - 3 Best times. Just off her best times in other events.

K.K. Capili -1 Best time. Right on her best times in all other events, despite being busy with JGs and summer school.

Chloe Haddad - 3 Best times. Breaststroke technique looked the best it has all season!

Matthew Hansen -1 Best time. 4th place finish in 50 Breast.

Grant He -2 Best times. 2 New JO cuts. 1st place in 50 Free, 2nd place in 100 Fly.

Andy Pham - 7 Best times. 8th place in 100 Back, 13th place in 100 Fly, 15th place in 50 Fly, 2nd place in 50 Back

Finleigh Pogson - 1 Best time. Just off her best time in her other event.

Thomas Romesser - 1st time JO Qualifier. 5 best times (4 JO cuts). 2nd place in 100 Back, 4th place in 50 Free, 5th place in 200 Free, 3rd place in 50 Fly, 5th place in 50 Back

Alexandra Short -1 Best time. Very glad she was able to make it after injuring her arm the day before the meet.

Ralph (Ian) Tumamak - Best times in all his events. New JO cut in 200 Free. 3rd place in 50 Breast, 3rd place in 50 Free, 2nd place in 200 Free, 4th place in 50 Fly.

Crystal Yang - 4 Best Times. New JO cut in 200 Free. 5th place in 100 Back, 3rd place in 200 Free, 15th place in 50 Fly, 6th place in 200 IM, 12th place in 100 Free.


Group Highlights: 16 best times. 2 relay team records.

Christopher DelaCruz- This was Topher’s first ever JO and he performed outstandingly.  He swam his races smart and always checked in with a strategy ready to go.  He achieved 4 best times out of 5 events! I am excited to see what he can do in the fall!

Grant He- Grant is a veteran championship meet qualifier.  He achieved 5 best times and placed in the top 16 in both his Breaststroke events.  He was a part of 2 team record setting relays!

Thomas Romesser- This was Thomas’s first ever JO and championship qualifier meet.  He had just qualified for the meet 2 weeks prior to JOs.  While he didn’t achieve any best times (which is hard to do two weeks later), I know Thomas still tried his best.  He was a part of one of the record setting relays!

Ralph (Ian) Tumamak- Ian is also a veteran championship meet qualifier.  He achieved best times in all 4 of his events, and just missing out on some second swims.  Ian was also on one of the record setting relays!

Crystal Yang- This was Crystal’s first ever JO and championship qualifier meet.  She was the only female qualifier for Beach 2! She swam her first event injured (although she didn’t tell her coach), and came back on Sunday with a best time in her other JO event, the 50 Back!



Pac Champs

Fred Brown  (11)

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 45.41, +1.22, 12th place

Finals: 45.36, -0.05, 10th place

50 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 33.38, +0.19, 13th place

Finals: 33.23, -0.15, 11th place

100 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 1:31.48, -1.61, 10th place

Finals: 1:29.62, -1.86, 10th place

200 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 2:39.18, -12.58, 10th place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 41.00, +1.28, 14th place

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 3:04.68, -1.04, 13th place

Finals: 3:00.42, -4.26, 10th place

100 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 1:39.25, -0.85, 9th place

Finals: 1:38.07, -1.18, 9th place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:13.82, -0.8, 12th place

Finals: 1:11.84, -1.98, 10th place


Kayla Kinsey (12)

100 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 1:28.47, -4.59, 22nd place

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 45.55, +0.41, 22nd place

50 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 32.88, -0.64, 17th place

100 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 1:37.93, -2.72, 23rd place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:15.33, +0.04, 34th place


Audrey Lie (12)

200 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 2:41.69, +0.06, 16th place

Finals: 2:41.23, -0.46, 14th place

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 36.94, +1.42, 12th place

Finals: 36.49,  -0.45, 11th place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 41.12, +0.4, 26th place

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 3:10.08, +8.36, 35th place

100 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 1:48.29, +3.66, 54th place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:14.63, -0.81, 28th place


Isabel Merica-Jones (11)

100 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 1:21.67, -1.29, 4th place

Finals: 1:25.04, +3.37, 8th place

Peyton Kuo (10)

100 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 1:16.30, -2.43, 5th place

Finals: 1:13.04, -3.26, 3rd place

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 46.96, -0.15, 29th place

50 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 33.66, +0.96, 29th place

200 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 2:43.52, +19.51, 19th place

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 39.30, +0.76, 43rd place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 39.92, +1.08, 11th place

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 2:58.17, -1.57, 13th place

Finals: 3:04.38, +6.21, 15th place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:14.79, +1.12, 30th place


Luke Njeru (12)

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 2:52.88, -1.48, 1st place

Finals: 2:48.62, -4.26, 1st place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:13.82, +4.66 11th place

Finals: 1:09.45, -4.37


Giulia Paganelli (12)

100 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 1:27.55, -1.18, 19th place

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 50.95, +0.75, 50th place

50 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 35.21, +1.31, 49th place

200 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 2:45.78, -0.62, 25th place

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 38.63, +0.2, 37th place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 40.09, +0.51, 13th place

Finals: 40.45, +0.36, 13th place

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 3:07.08, -3.92, 27th place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:15.85, -0.3, 38th place


Kattalee Segal (11)

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 37.56, -0.07, 22nd place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 41.76, -0.43, 35th place

100 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 1:46.64, +1.28, 53rd place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:16.82, -1.95, 44th place




Kaela Hashimoto (10)

100 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: Disqualified

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 39.46, -0.72, 19th place (prelims)

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 3:11.38, -3.12, 19th place (prelims)


Peyton Kuo (10)

100 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 1:16.30, -2.43, 5th place

Finals: 1:13.04, -3.26, 3rd place

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 41.30, -1.67, 5th place

Finals: 42.47, +1.17, 7th place

100 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 1:09.96, -1.66, 4th place

Finals: 1:08.17, -1.79, 3rd place

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 33.38, -0.69, 2nd place

Finals: 32.88, -0.5, 2nd place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 38.22, -0.8, 8th place

Finals: 37.98, -0.24, 8th place

50 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 30.45, -1.71, 1st place

Finals: 30.53, +0.08, 2nd place


Adriel Sun (10)

200 LCM Freestyle

Prelims: 2:37.47, -9.47, 9th place

Finals: 2:40.72, +3.25, 11th place

50 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 40.06, -1.2, 2nd place

Finals: 40.26, +0.2, 4th place

50 LCM Butterfly

Prelims: 37.32, +0.49, 14th place

Finals: 36.22, -1.1, 11th place

200 LCM IM

Prelims: 2:59.73, -4.59, 14th place

Finals: 2:58.06, -1.67, 12th place

100 LCM Breaststroke

Prelims: 1:30.57, +1.36, 5th place

Finals: 1:27.59, -2.98, 4th place

50 LCM Backstroke

Prelims: 38.91, -0.94, 10th place

Finals 38.90, -0.01, 9th place



RW Finale

Lucas Sorensen- Lucas swam 2 events for the first time ever at the meet, and achieved 2 best times in his other two events.  His biggest time drop was in the 100 Back, which was six seconds.

Pac Champs

Group Highlights: 39 Best times. Many top 16 performances. Everyone achieved at least one best time.

James Coyne- 1 Best time. 5th place in 100 Back, 10th place in 50 Free.

Peyton French- 2 Best times. Won her swim off in the 50 Back. 11th place finish in 50 Back.

Ian Hansen- 1 Best time. 2nd place finish in 100 Fly.

Luke Langton- 6 Best times. 6th in 100 Back, 13th in 50 Fly, 7th in 50 Back, 12th in 200 IM, 13th in 100 Free

Will Langton- 6 Best times. 5th in 50 Breast, 4th in 200 Free, 1st in 400 Free, 4th in 100 Breast, 9th in 100 Free.

Franco Lee- 6 Best times. 15th in 100 Back, 8th in 50 Free, 15th in 100 Fly, 11th in 200 Free, 5th in 200 IM, 7th in 100 Free.

Naomi Scott- 3 Best times. 15th in 200 Back, 6th in 800 Free, 2nd in 1500 Free.

Riley Sheets- 7 Best times. 5th in 50 Breast, 15th in 50 Free, 6th in 100 Fly, 16th in 200 Free, 8th in 50 Fly, 8th in 100 Breast, 13th in 100 Free.

Clara Soricut- 5 Best times. 11th in 100 Back, 16th in 50 Back.

Alexane Turgeon- 2 Best times. 12th in 200 Back, 8th in 100 Back.


Group Highlights:  11 best times. 2 relay team records.

Alex Chun- Alex achieved best times in all 5 of his events.  Even if he didn’t drop as much as he wanted, he still had a very positive attitude throughout the weekend.

Franco Lee- Franco was only able to swim one of his breaststroke events that he qualified for, and he dropped four seconds!

Shea Steggell- Shea achieved 5 best times in the 6 events she swam.  She finished in the top 16 three times individually (12th in 100 Free and 50 Fly, 11th in 50 Free). Leading off the team record setting 200 Free Relay, Shea went under 30 for the first time ever! She was also a part of the team record setting 400 Free Relay!




Elise delaCruz – 89 points (plus relays) – JO CHAMPION in the 50 Breaststroke at the most difficult JO site. Elsie’s versatility showed each day and she just kept getting better. Of course her 50 Breaststroke was a huge highlight, but I think her best swim on the weekend was her 200 IM, 2:33.4, pretty legit time for a 12 year old. Great racing all weekend Els! 


Mia Crisera – 40.5 points (plus relays) – Mia dropped time in all six of her individual events, but what impressed me the most was how tough she swam in the evenings – that’s not easy with the long, hot days that we had. Extremely proud of the grit and positive attitude Mia showed in practices this season! My favorite race was the 400 Free of course, and I’m hoping it’s becoming one of her favorites as well………………………


Molly Beetner – 39 points (plus relays) – Molly has been chomping at the bit to race at a championship meet again and boy did she put on a show. Over the four days, Molly dropped over 25 seconds and absolutely crushed it on the relays for BCS. So great to have you back racing fast Molly!


Sammie Hall – 24 points (plus relays) – raced her little heart out again. I know I sound like a broken record with Sammie, but the proof is in the pudding – hard work and persistence really does pay off. Six for six on best times, and I can’t go without mentioning a 1:13.0 100 Fly!! Keep up the great work Sammie!


Andrew Bonelli – 23.5 points – About eight months ago, Coach Sergio asked me who was going to have a breakout meet, and I replied “Andrew, he’s been killing it.” Meet and meet again, I waited for him to prove my statement to be true. And here it was! Way to go Andrew, so proud of you…we sure will miss your daily leadership in Beach 5! 


Mikki Maemura – 20 points (plus relays) – Probably not the meet Mikki was hoping for, but it was certainly the best one attitude wise, and that is cool to see. Mikki likes to get up and swim FAST, but just not for a long time…yet! There aren’t many 11 year olds in front of her, so once we up that work ethic, Mikki will continue to fly. Looking forward to getting back after it in a few weeks Mikki!


Kylie Hamilton – 19 points (plus relays) – Kylie is such a great teammate for keeping everyone around her smiling and laughing all day long. She defines “fun swimming = fast swimming.” She is eager to learn and continues to take huge strides at these swim meets! Did everyone see her classy dance moves during the Finals of the 50 Breast? And then the 4th place finish?! Keep it up Kylie, you’re a hoot!


Emery Arnold – 13 points (plus relays) – Emery did not have the best of meets, but that’s swimming and we’ll continue moving forward. She did manage to go a best time in the 50 Fly and 100 Back a couple times. I have no doubt that she’s going to come back hungry and ready to get after it in the Fall in order to earn her “fastest sprinter in the group” title back. Keep it up Emery!


Jack O'Shaughnessy – 4 points – Jack dropped in all six of his races this weekend, saving the best for last, the Finals of the 50 Back! He proved why BCS sticks around when listed as alternates and then took full advantage of the opportunity. He also learned that we are ready to race at any time, even when we aren’t expecting it. Way to crush it on the last race Jack, that was fun!


Lauren Donnelley – 3 points (plus relays) – LoDo dropped in five of her six races, with so much more room to grow! This was the first time she’s come over prepared with a plan for all of her races and genuinely seemed excited to RACE. I’m beyond excited to watch her continue to mature in the Senior 3 group and have no doubt that with more training, she is going to take off. We’ll miss your calm demeanor in Beach 5 LoDo!


Trent Bowles (relay points) – Trent made the trek down to Mission Viejo and swam a very tough 1500 Free on Thursday, dropping almost 25 seconds in just his second time swimming it. I’m excited for the training he’ll do in the Senior 3 group so that he can continue to get tougher and prosper in those distance races. Keep being you Trent!


Maya Chou (relay points) – It was so great for Maya to be able to come and swim at JOs, both individually and in the relays. The more experience she gets, the better she is going to be. I’ve seen tremendous growth in her training the past handful of months and can’t wait to see it all come to fruition in the coming years. Everyone better keep tabs on her – heard it here first!


Reagan Santa Ana (relay points) – Made my weekend to see a smile on Reagan’s face again! She works so hard and hasn’t seen it payoff at recent meets. I’m hoping we got through a little confidence hurdle and on the uphill. My favorite race was her 100 Fly where she just went out and attacked it and stayed tough to the finish. The increase in confidence and added strength training is going to do wonders for Reagan. And I’ll be her biggest cheerleader on the pool deck! 


Catalina Kahan – Catalina had a busy weekend with some JG events in the middle of the meet, but managed to pull off a couple good races on the weekend. I know that she has been exhausted but continues to come with a smile on her face, and that is half the battle. Continue coming with the positive attitude, we’ll keep pushing you and you’ll keep moving forward.


Brooke Patel – Brooke is still fairly new to the SCS Championship scene and sometimes we can see those “newbie jitters.” What I appreciate is that she takes each race and learns from every one of them. I know that when she is confident and comes with the attitude that she belongs there, she will begin racing that way as well. She is so strong and has a heck of a kick behind her that you all will see one day. Keep it up Brooke!


Pac Champs


Jack Humphrey – Jack was great on the weekend dropping time in six of his seven races and swimming the 1500 for the first time ever! He is coming into his own in the distance races, but the most impressive races on the weekend were the middle distance races (200 and 400 Free) where he split them extremely well and showed toughness at the end of the races. I think he’s ready to take these races out a little bit faster and hold on just as much at the end. Great way to finish off the season Jack!


Madie Malone – Madie had a great meet to finish out her summer and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She dropped time in seven of her eight races and is now ready to take on the huge task of Senior 3. This girl showed a ton of resilience the past few months and learned the importance of continuing to grind it out even when all wasn’t going her way. You have a very bright future Madie!


Hudson Powers – Hudson is beginning to see what it’s like to swim with the big boys and why it’s important to bring A+ effort to practice every day so that it’ll pay off on the weekends at the swim meets. At Pac Champs, I asked Hudson to force his races a bit at the beginning to get out of his comfort zone, which in turn will eventually lead to faster results. Looking forward to implementing that same thing at practices when we come back!



What a great way to finish the summer season!!! I am beyond proud of those 6 swimmers that went to the meet. They sat together and cheered for each other. They had a blast!!! (at least that was the feeling I got when talking to them). I would love to have more opportunities like this where swimmers could get more confidence and meet practice.

Hudson: got all personal best and swam 1 new event 100 breast. He missed Red cut on 100 free by a sec (1.03.07) and missed a Blue cut (or maybe got it, since these are my times) on the 50 free by .5 sec. Hudson doesn't know how good he is/could be. I am hoping he gets the motivation to take the challenge now.

Britney: got 2 personal best and 1 new event (50back). Britney just aged up and missed the 200 red cut by a sec.She also swam a nice and good pacing 500 free dropping 27 sec!!!

Erika: had an oustanding meet with a big smaile all the time! 4 events/ 4 personal best. She dropped 24 seconds on the 4 of them. The highlit was the 100 back dropping 9 sec!!! (1.23.7) I think this is just the begining for Erika...

Buddy: swam unattached for BC and got his opportunity to shine on the short events. He swam 4 new events since he aged up too. Proud of his 50 fly techique and kick!!!

Polina: Had also a great meet challenging Erika in every single event. I love that competitive/frienship challenge between them that helped each other do the best they could. Super proud of Polina's 100 free on 1.12.5. 

Jadan: shaved time in every event achieving 2 red cuts in 50 (29.4) and 100 free (1.03.7). Lets go for some Blue cuts now!!!


Ryan Haddad had an outstanding Champs season, he was on fire every time he hit the water. Ryan was out of the country for a few weeks, but obviously kept himself in top form.  Ryan’s season ended with outstanding times at JOs on 400 IM 5:21.29 time trial, 100 fly time trial 1:10.00,  200 Fly 2:38.51, 100 breast  finals 1:16.52 14th place overall, 200 breast finals 12th place overall @ 2:43.96.

Camden Strickfaden swam 100 breast, 50 free, 100 fly. Camden had an impressive 100 free and after going toe to toe with Ethan Smith for the win on the 100 free, Camden took 1st place, 41 points, with a JO cut for 100 free @ 58.07!

Since this was Camden’s 3rd swim meet, outside of High School, we think this is an impressive performance. Way to go Camden,  can’t wait to see what you will do next season, when ‘seasoned’ .

Katie Wrigley was shinning at the JO Max meet, and won her events for 15 and over 100 breast, 100 fly 200 fly, 100 back, 200 IM, and 200 breast at the JO Max meet, for a total of 133 points for the team. Outstanding sweep.

Katie also swam 100 breast and 200 breast at JOS, and was part of relay team for 200 free and 200 IM. Outstanding year for Katie!

Kira Rusalov placed 3rd for 100 breast (dropped 2.84 sec) , 2nd for 200 IM (dropped 7.83 sec) , 2nd for 200 breast (8.50 sec drop), and made finals on both 50 and 100 free for JO MAX. Kira looked great and earned 59 team points.

She also swam 200 breast at JOS, she is ending this year on a high note.

Elaine Shin swam at JO Max and won 15 and over 200 back(dropped 5.07sec) , 3rd place finish in 100 fly (dropped 5.07sec) , and made finals on 200 IM( dropped 5.49 sec) , 100back (dropped 2.76sec), 100 free(2.42 sec), 50 free, and 200 free. Outstanding meet for Elaine, 73 team points.

Nick Elkin was on fire at JO Max. He won 100 breast dropping 7.03 sec and getting a JO cut, and dropped 5.47 sec on 100 fly. Way to go Nick. Nick was unable to attend JOs this time.

Griffin Colomer ’s biggest victory is that his swims all looked fantastic! He has really worked hard on improving his technique this year and it has paid off. Griffin finaled in 100 breast (1.59 sec drop), 200 IM (6.53 sec drop), and 200 breast (5sec drop), with a 2nd place 200 breast finish 24 team points.

Ryan O’Shagunessey came out ot JO Max and swam 100 breast, 50 free, 100 fly, 200 fly, 100 back, 200 IM, 200 Breast, and 100 Fly. Ryan was 1st alternate in 100breast, but due to a mix up with the officials didn’t get to swim it. We were so proud to see Ryan at the blocks, ready to go for this event. He seems to perform well under spontaneous pressure so coaches tried to challenge this call, with no luck! Ryan swam finals in 200 breast, for an 8th place, 11point score.

Ina Gorordo swam at JO Max and made finals in 200 back, and 100 breast. Way to go Ina. After she left she found out she also made finals in 100 breast.

Sanoja Sridevan trained hard to get in shape after attending a 3 week camp right in the middle of champs season. She attended JO Max and made finals in 100 and 200 breast, placing 3rd and 8th overall. She earned 28 points.

Sanoja worked hard in between meets and cut her 100 breast time at JOS by 1sec! way to go Sanoja!

Vincent Calta had a great meet dropping time in 200 back(4.97 sec drop) and 200 IM( 4.97 sec drop), with a 3rd place overall finish in 200 breast dropping 10.10 sec!  Vincent was coming off an injury and swam like he was in very good shape.

Kyle Capili has a great meet with drops in  200 back, 200 free, 100 back, 400 free, 200 IM, and 100 free. Solid swim meet for Kyle, and a 10th place finish for 400 IM! Kyle took some time off and had to get back in to shape during this season. Considering this time away from the pool and JGS Kyle swam his heart out.

Max Colomer had a great long course season. Diversifying in multiple events, trying to balance JGs and swim at the same time is difficult for anyone. Max continued to cut his times in 200 and 100 back, 200 IM, and 100 fly from May through July. He also did 400 free and 800 free. Max loves doing long distance events and seems to pick up speed when everyone else is getting tired. Max will enter short course well rested and ready to race, knowing what his strategy is.  

Nicholas Cutsail attended JO Max and cut times in 100 breast (1.28 sec drop) placing 13th in finals, and 50 free (.27sec drop).

Lily May came out to race at the JO Max. She improved her 100 breast time as well as her 100 free time. Way to go Lily. After she left the meet, Lily was scratched into the 100 free final. Hard work an determination is how Lily ended her season.

Patrick Melia swam 200 free and 400 free with an impressive time of 5: 10.58 on his 400 free.  Patrick already had some JO cuts but wasn’t able to attend the JO meet. We will see what next year brings for Patrick.





Senior 3 showed up ready to impress and race.  We've worked hard all season, since September actually making adjustments after WAG, again after Spring JOs and then swimming through JAG.  The group as whole has grown so much and I'm proud of what each of them accomplished.  Everyone did a great job being ready, working on details and representing BCS well.  


Matthew Frey:  Matthew's JOs started out a bit rough where he learned that it is important to make sure you know what days/times your relays are swimming.  He came back Friday to drop in his 100 breast and move up 12 places, finally embracing the constant idea of going forward.  Matthew helps in both 200 relays, and then had a bit of a struggle in the 400 free having spent most the summer working on his breaststroke.  Sunday he did drop a bit in his 200 breast going under 3:00 for the first time.


Mekaela Kaji:  Mekaela's hard work paid off big time.  Thursday she dropped 6 seconds in her 200 back and then another 2 seconds at finals to finish 10th.  The 200 fly was a quick turnaround at finals but she finished 14th with a 6 second drop from the morning.  The 400 IM she was flying, splitting the race well both the morning and evening for a 13 second total drop.  She did well in her 100's as well, going a best time in the 100 fly as well as in the 100 back on a relay leadoff and replicated the time again in prelims.  Mekaela also dropped 5 seconds in her 200 IM just missing out on a second swim finishing 19th.  


Elliot Kim:  Elliot has been hard at work on his breaststroke and it paid off.  He had a small drop in his 100 free but his 100 breast was the swim of the meet for him where he finished 4th with a 1:12.66 creeping towards the Sectional cut.  Elliot also dropped under 2:30 for the first time in the 200 IM as well as a 3.5 second drop in his 200 breast for a 2:44, finishing 16th.  Elliot was also a huge help on all the relays and cheering for his teammates.


Abbie Maemoto:  Abbie made her first racing appearance in months after coming back from an injury and the lack of racing showed up a bit.  She did move up a place in the 100 fly going 1:10 and 2:42 in the 200 IM.  Abbie has looked great in practice so once she gets her full strength back she will be crushing it.


Jazmine Mesina:  Jazzy has been training like a beast and it showed up in solid drops in both her 100 and 200 breast, going 1:23 in prelims in the 100 for 16th.  Her one job at finals was "not last" and she crushed it, dropping another .5 for a 1:22.87 and finishing 12th!  Jazzy was also able to help out on some relays.


Claire Murray:  Claire has been fully embracing her distance freestyle training and she impressed at JOs.  Splitting 2:15 in the 800 free relay off a relay start she made a few adjustments to go 2:15 in prelims and dropped again in finals going 2:14.98, finishing 11th and putting the Sectional cut in her sites.  Claire was 4:49 in both prelims and finals in her 400 free to finish 12th and drop 2 seconds.  She also dropped 2 seconds in her 100 fly and 3 in her 100 back but the swim of the meet was her 800, where she split 4:49 in her first 400 and finished 9:52, dropping 18 seconds from JAG.  Great job Claire!


Katelyn Nimsky:  Katelyn made her first JO appearance and had a solid 400 free swim going 4:59 and dropping time.  Having split most of her summer with JGs/Paddling I'm stoked for a great swim for her.


Yuri Onimura:  Yuri has not fully embraced her love of swimming long course and unfortunately it showed at JOs.  Yuri dropped a bit in her 100 free going 1:05 and 1:27 in the 100 breast as well as helping on the 200 relays.  Yuri will be happy to get back to short course  :)


Sarah Quayle:  Sarah started off Thursday a bit in her head, racing as a 15 year old for the first time.  She did manage a second swim in the 200 fly, dropping 1.30 and finishing 16th.  She had some small drops all weekend long but most impressive were here freestyle swims, going 29.1 in the 50 on a relay leadoff leg then 28.8 in the medley to close the gap and finish 3rd for the 15 and over girls.  Sarah also leadoff the 400 free relay going 1:03.68 to drop another .5 from Pac Champs.  


Kiku Shirakata:  Kiku came Thursday to swim a 200 fly.  While not her best race she did swim with heart and a smile :)  Kiku also helped out the team Friday by swimming the 200 relays.  I have no doubt that once Kiku can come to practice consistently AND push to the dark place it will all come together.  


Pac Champs

A few Senior 3 swimmers wrapped up their summer at Pac Champs while a few more (Mekela, Sarah, Matthew) were able to snag a few extra JO cuts.  Jazi raced well in her non JO events dropping time like crazy and just missing a few more JO times.  


Tabi Brown:  Tabi split her time this summer with JGs and vacations but hit training hard when she could.  She got a second swim in the 200 Back and dropped 3 seconds going 2:55.  Tabi had some adds in her other events but definitely did a great job cheering for teammates.


Kate Kramer:  Kate walked away scoring 63 points for the team.  She finished 6th in the 100 free with a small drop for a 1:06.4, 5th in the 50 free, 2nd in the 200 free dropping a bit for a 2:23 and also finished 2nd in the 400 with a 5:00 and a drop.  Kate earned some valuable racing experience with prelims/finals.


Ryan Rogers:  Ryan finished with 21 points and is still learning to race with the 13/14 year olds and trust his training.  Ryan finished 12th in the 100 breast and dropped in his 50 free for a 29.53 and a 13th place finish.  Ryan also grabbed a final swim in the 200 breast and moved up a spot at finals to finish 7th  


Andreea Soricut:  Andreea scored 82 points for the team, finishing 10th in the 100 breast, 8th in the 50 free with a drop in the morning, 7th in the 100 fly with a .5 drop and her best swim was her 200 free with a 2 second drop and a 4th place finish.  Andreea also had a great 400 with a 2.5 sec drop and a 5th place finish as well as second swims in her other events.  She continues to work hard on all her strokes and everything is starting to come together.  







I can’t believe how far we’ve come as a group.  They have embraced the process more than ever, and are ready to do big things; last weekend was only the beginning.  Whether that means stepping up and crushing it in High Performance, or maintaining the culture of Senior 4s with leadership [outwards or by example], I know that nothing will get in their way.  


I want to thank the parents and swimmers for having faith in what we did with this group over the last 2 years.  This is a special crew, and I’ll be leaving with some special memories!  It’s been an honor coaching these teens!


We finished the weekend with the following achievements below:








David Amano  had a challenging season that tested his patience.  His shoulder gave him problems, and he was forced to kick the majority of the season and through the taper.  Regardless, he had some swims just off his best, and a PR in a 2:10.0 200Fr-Relay split which was 4-seconds below his best time!  It’s tough racing when you haven’t trained your arms, so I’m proud of this guy’s resilience.


Jamie Brennan (57 Points)  raced 15 times last weekend!  She definitely gets the “Tough Cookie” award, as she also cranked out 2 JUNIOR NATIONAL BONUS cuts (100Fr - 58.87 / 200IM - 2:25.27) and just missed her third in the 50Fr (27.51) by .02.  Jamie also cranked out a blazing fast 1:16.37 100Br.  She’s grown up an lot in the last few months, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


Ryan Brennan (29 Points)  got his first JUNIOR NATIONAL BONUS cut in his 100Br (1:08.46 - dropping 1.7-seconds).  He also secured his SECTIONAL CUT in his 200Br (2:30.91 - dropping 5.3-seconds), placing 4th at finals. I’m extremely proud of his ability to get up and go on that 200Br, pushing himself [in a 200m race] 

in a way I hadn’t seen until last weekend.  He also cranked out a smokin’ 200IM (2:23.09 - dropping 1-second).  Just like his twin, Ryan has also grown a lot this season, and I am proud of how intuitive he’s become with his training.  Keep it up!


Macie Campbell (12 Points)  learned some wonderful lessons this season, and I’m so proud of her for handling them with grace. We had some great talks all season, and I cannot wait to see her put everything together next season; look out!  She dropped 1.7-seconds in her 200Bk (2:38.48) and dropped 10.5-seconds in her 800Fr (9:52.64), placing 8th in the event.  Macie also put together a FAST 50Fr-Relay split of 28.55.  Congrats!


Emma Chang (12 Points)  had a great meet considering she took two weeks off after JAG.  She managed to squeeze out a best time in two events - 200Br (2:58.54 - dropping 1-second) and 100Bk (although not official - 1:09.4).  This year was filled with some swim meet struggles, but I truly feel she’s learned a lot and is ready to swim fast.  I’m proud of her…this season was filled with some great life lessons; her final one being to always be sure to hit the touchpad on a relay lead-off!


Matthew Cullen (12 Points)  had an insane 200Bk (2:29.40 - dropping 8.5-seconds), placing 16th at finals.  His freestyle events were on fire, as he dropped 4-seconds on a 100Fr-Relay split (1:00), 5-seconds in his 200Fr (2:10.73), 12.9-seconds in his 400Fr (4:33.23).  I know he will swim a better 1500Fr, when he swims it a second time…yep, his first 1500m Fr was at JOs.  This guy is on the right path towards greatness.  Way to go!


Bradley Diaz (13 Points)  swam an incredible 200Fly (2:18.69 - dropping 5.7-seconds), placing 6th and getting his SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUT.  Brad has been on a mission to prove he’s a sprinter, and although his 200Fly was stunning, he did manage to drop a 26.58 50Fr-Relay split and a 59.33 100Fr.  His 100Fly (1:03.75) makes him the fastest flyer in the group, so although sprinting sounds awesome, the kid has fly-talent!  


Jack Fischer (31 Points)  swam lights out.  He secured a SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUT in the 200Fly (2:18.31 - dropping 6.6), and 2 SECTIONAL BONUS cuts in the 400IM (4:55.35 - dropping 4-seconds) and 400Fr (4:21.03 - dropping 7.5 seconds).  Jack has shown nothing but heart in his training/racing, and his desire to secure his first Sectional Cut is admirable.  It’s coming, Jack!  


Kennedy French (29.5 Points)  made her 100Fly LCM SECTIONAL BONUS, dropping 1.37-seconds, for a 1:07.72. She trained more fly this season than she ever has, and it showed in her 200Fly (2:34.50 - dropping 3.9).  Kennedy placed highest in her 50Fr (28.18 - dropping .2 from her JAG time), coming in 6th place.  She began to focus a lot on the details towards the final few weeks, and it was inspiring to see.  This girl keeps growing!


Daniel Fuentes’  growth comes with his ability to finally embrace Long Course racing.  This is [what I would consider] his first season of LCM where he is tackling it head on.  He walked away with 4 SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUTS: 50Fr (26.5 - dropping .5), 100Fr (58.24 - dropping .3), 200Fr (2:06.78 - dropping 4.6), and 100Fly (1:03.32 - dropping 1.8).  His confidence has grown with his ability to race LCM, so keep an eye out for his SCY times!!


Angel Gonzalez (9 Points)  dropped a total of 30+ seconds in his swims!  That is so hard to do as a senior level swimmer, and he earned every second dropped.  Angel got 3 SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUTS: 400IM (5:00.93 - dropping 7.1-seconds), 200IM (2:22.84 - dropping 2.9-seconds), and 200Br (2:38.01 - dropping 4.3-seconds).  He also had an outstanding 200Bk (2:24.85 - dropping 5.4-seconds),  200Fly (2:22.34 - dropping 5.7-dropping), and 400Fr (4:34.65 - dropping 3.7-seconds)!  EN FUEGO!


Atom Hashimoto (9 Points)  is fun to coach because he consistently drops all season long - tired, rested, sore, tapered.  He had 3 finals swims (for someone who was hoping for 1 final swim at JAG), and if you know Atom, he loves the opportunity to come back and race in finals.  He placed 13th in the 200Bk (2:27.73 - dropping 6.3), 14th in the 100Bk (1:08.74 - dropping .8-seconds), and 15th in the 100Br (1:16.96 - dropping .8-seconds).  My favorite swim was his 100Fly (1:04.66) where he took it out fast, and came away with a 2.7-second drop. GO Hashi!!


Emma Koehler (35 Points)  struggled getting into her groove this meet - which is rare for Emma during championship season.  She stayed strong and came away with an incredible 200Br (2:51.13 - dropping 4.1) on the final day of the meet, where she (and Sierra) blew consoles away.  Emma also secured her LCM SECTIONAL BONUS cut in the 200Br and her SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUT in the 100Fr (1:04.21 -dropping .7).  Moral of the story: Never give up.  Proud of you, Emma.


Rayen Lin (33 Points)  came away with 4 SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUTS: 100Br (1:13.65 - 2.9-drop - 6th), 200Br (2:38.29 - 3.6-drop - 7th Place), 200IM (2:23.02 - 3.8-drop - 14th), and 400IM (5:06.12 - 6-drop - 13th).  This guy is sticking to the most basic formula out there: if you crush it at practice, you crush it at meets.  Sectional Cuts are next for Rayen, I know it!


Robert Rogers  really stepped up his racing game this meet, and is beginning to see the potential I see in him.  He dropped in 100% of his events; all 7 events if you count his swim-off, where he swam a 27.01 50Fr!  My favorite race was his 100Fr (1:00.26 - dropping 1.7-seconds).  Bobbo may not have broken 1:00, but he swam it like he really wanted it, and that is the greatest gift you can give a coach.  Way to go!


Ethan Smith  can now bear a PINK CAP!  He made his JO Cut at JO MAX, and 2 weeks later, swims an incredible SECTIONAL CUT 50Fr (25.78 - dropping another .54-seconds) at Junior Olympics! Although he dropped .5-seconds in his 100Fr (57.70), I know when he learns to embrace his 25.7 front-end speed, he will be swimming a 55-second 100Fr.  Congrats!


Sierra Suelzle (18 Points)  struggled finding her racing gears early in the meet, but stuck to her faith in the training and finished with 2 SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUTS: 200Br (2:53.48 - 5.25-drop - 10th) and 400Fr (4:51.49 - 5.7-drop - 15th).  She also managed to drop [and final] in her 100Fr (1:02.86) and 200IM (2:35.52), but it was her 28.83 Relay-Split that stuck out in my mind.  It’s all in there, Sierra!  You’re doing everything right in training!


Zack Yakubik (56 Points)  earned another SECTIONAL CUT (200Bk - 2:14.97 - dropping 2.3 - 3rd Place), and tacked on a SENIOR DEVELOPMENT CUT in his 50Fr (26.86)!  Yep, the 50!  This meet seemed to work best for his off events, as his 400IM (4:57.22) was my favorite swim of his this weekend.  Not only did he NOT train IM, but he also dropped 5.3-seconds and placed 5th.  This guy is going to do great things!


Pac Champs


Jerome Emery (72 Points)  destroyed it!!  I’ve always been so amazed of this guy’s work-ethic, and now I am proud to see his persistence pay off.  He made a JO CUT in his 100Br (1:17.04 - dropping 7.8-seconds)!  He dropped in everything else he swam, as well: 100Fly (1:08.47 - dropping 4.8), 200Fr (2:13.87 - dropping 3.7), 200Fly (2:39.63 - dropping 2.6), and the 100Fr (1:00.69 - dropping 2.7). Those are some serious drops, and I knew it was in there all along!  I’m so proud of you, Jerome!  You are an outstanding leader.


Ethan Smith (74 Points)  placed Top 2 in all 4 of his events, while earning 2 JO CUTS: 100Fr (58.20 - dropping 1) and 50Fr (26.32 - dropping .39).  Even if he doesn’t know it yet, I think he can be a great flyer…100Fly (1:06.11 - dropping 2).  It’s good to see Ethan using the contagiously positive enthusiasm he uses for his teammates on himself.  He really lifts the crew, and it pays off with a great approach to life and a strong mind!




  Slate Davis had a few drops on the weekend and was able to represent BCS on relays – we’re happy to have you on our side. Slate went best times in the 100 Back (1:06.20), 200 Free (2:08.27), and 50 Free (25.66).

  Lily Garcia had a few little drops on the weekend, in three of her races – 100 Breast (1:19.17), 100 Fly (1:08.78) and 50 Free (28.32).

  Ema Kakazu swam to a personal best (Winter Junior cut!) leading off the 400 Free Relay at Juniors on Wednesday then followed it up with some tough individual and relays swims at JOs to help out BCS.

  Sean Keegan had a breakout meet achieving his first Sectional cut in the 400 IM (4:51.73)! He also achieved Sectional Bonus times in the 200 Back (2:17.39), 200 Free (2:03.95), 200 IM (2:17.78) and 400 Free (4:20.43).

Sebastian Wagoner made his last meet representing BCS count, going best times in the 100 Breast (1:11.51), 100 Free (55.66), 400 Free (4:19.81) and 800 Free (8:58.57). Good luck in college Seabass!

  Tyler Yeomans: Tyler had some nice swims on the weekend, but still waiting on that breakout meet for Tyler; we know it’s in there – we see it every day at practice! 200 Back (2:24.83). 400 IM (5:13.47), 100 Breast (1:15.66), 100 Fly (1:05.00), 200 IM (2:23.69), and 100 Back (1:05.95).