Mantas Families,


Our Fall/Winter (Short Course) season is upon us!  Online registration is now open.  Our season starts on Monday, September 10.


To register, click on the REGISTER tab on the home page of www.mantasswimclub.com.  Returning members will have all information saved from previous seasons.  You have the option, of course, to update information. Also, as a reminder, all fees owed from the past season will be added on to your first month registration and registration must be complete before swimmers can be in the water. For our High School Swimmers, good luck!  When you return to Mantas please select the High School Girls/ High School Boys training options.  


Mantas families please pass the following information on to new swimmers and families who may be interested Mantas Swim Club. We are always welcoming new swimmers to our family! 


WELCOME BRAND NEW SWIM FAMILIES!  We want you to have the best Mantas experience ever!  Here’s some information to make the transition into club swimming with Mantas easy.  


- Mantas Swim Club is a year round, competitive swimming, organization.

- During our Winter (short course, indoor) season we practice in the evenings using the Mankato East High School Pool and the Gustavus Pool, in Saint Peter, as our home pools.   

- Practice times vary in frequency; start time,  & length based on training group. Clicking on the CALENDAR tab and selecting the appropriate group in the pull down menu can find these times.

- Training Group descriptions can be found by clicking on the TRAINING GROUPS tab at the top of our home page. 

- Mantas Swim Club does not have practice frequency or competition requirements in most training groups.  We operate with the idea that the more often you show up, the faster you progress.  We also understand that families have busy schedules that take swimmers out of the water at times. Communication between parents and the coaching staff is always the best policy.  Every Mantas athlete is coached and encouraged to compete.  

- You may start with Mantas at any time.  Our billing is set up on a monthly basis and you are charged for the months your swimmer is in the water.  


Not sure if Mantas is right for your child right now?  Mantas Swim Club has a TWO WEEK TRIAL policy.  All swimmers must be registered online to be in the water with the club. If after two weeks with the club you and your swimmer decide that we are not a good fit, we will refund your registration fees.  We hope you love it and join us for the season!  If you do stay with the team (HOORAY) all monthly/seasonal fees apply.  




Mantas Competition Schedule: We compete on the weekends two or three times per month. We are currently working on completing the competition schedule for the season.  All meets are posted in the EVENTS/MEETS tab on the website.  Email notifications are sent out along with meet information and entry procedures and registration deadlines. 




WELCOME TO ANOTHER GREAT SEASON WITH MANTAS SWIM CLUB!  If you have questions, please feel free to send me an email.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I hope to see many old and NEW faces as our season starts!  See you on September 10!  



Alex Lindstrom

Head Coach

Mantas Swim Club