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LEXD News Brief - 8/29/2018



Welcome to the 2018-2019 Lexington Dolphins short course season!

The coaching staff is super excited about this season, many new and returning families! There is a lot of information in this newsletter, so if you have any questions swim related please reach out to any of the coaches. Any questions about billing, sponsorships, fundraising etc. please contact Coach Chrislyn Ruddy – Team Administrator (coachchrislyn@lexingtondolphins.org ).


Lexington: Monday, Sept. 10th. Development groups will begin on Thursday, Sept. 11th. The Practice Schedule for Lexington can be found HERE.

Richmond: Tuesday, Sept. 11th. The Practice schedule for Richmond can be found HERE.

The TRIAL PERIOD for new swimmers ends on September 21st!

How to check your swimmers’ group placement.

1)     SIGN IN to the website (www.lexingtondolphins.org)

2)     Click on MY ACCOUNT on the left side of the screen

3)     Click MY ACCOUNT on the drop-down menu

4)     Click your swimmers name

5)     Scroll down for group placement


2018-2019 Contracts are due the first day of practice!

Contracts can be found HERE. Submit your contract by scanning it to Coach Chrislyn, mailing to PO Box 23231, Lexington, KY 40523, or by bringing it to the first day of practice.



REMINDER: If you want to change your payment method from Credit Card to ACH or Manual Payments (Check), you need to switch before Sept. 1st.


1)     SIGN IN to the website (www.lexingtondolphins.org)

2)     Click on MY ACCOUNT on the left side of the screen

3)     Click on SETUP AUTO PAY on the drop-down menu

4)     Options for payment change include:

a.    Adding Credit Card

                                                              i.     Click ADD NEW CARD

                                                             ii.      Input all necessary information

b.    Adding Bank Account (ACH)

                                                              i.     Click ADD NEW BANK ACCOUNT

                                                             ii.      Input all necessary information

c.     Choosing Manual Pay (Check or Cash)

5)     Once preferred method of payment is updated make sure you select USE FOR FEES ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT

6)     Click SAVE PAYMENT OPTION when finished located at top or bottom of the screen


If you have any issues please contact Coach Chrislyn (coachchrislyn@lexingtondolphins.org).


We are excited to kick off our season at Pannell Swim Shop on Tuesday, 9/25 at 6:00, along with our Team Partner "White Greer & Maggard".  We hope you all will come out and enjoy some family fun. The store will remain open after hours for our team.  Enjoy a hamburger or hotdog on behalf of the LEXD board. Shop with the coaches, stock up on all of your gear for the season, and take advantage of some amazing deals. 20% OFF ALL PURCHASES!

Group equipment lists can be found HERE.

**Make sure you purchase a swim training snorkel, not a scuba snorkel. BIG DIFFERENCE!


Receive fast reminders via text notifications! In order to receive the texts, you must set it up in your TeamUnify account.

1)      SIGN IN to the website (www.lexingtondolphins.org)

2)      Click MY ACCOUNT on the left side of the screen

3)      Click MY ACCOUNT on the drop-down menu

4)      Under Account Contact Information, put your phone number into the “SMS:” box

5)      Select your cellphone carrier

6)      Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click save

7)      You should receive a text with a link. Click the link to verify your phone number. More than one phone number can be added. (It may take up to 5 minutes to receive the text with the verification link)


LEXD Merchandise Store

2018-2019 online merchandise store will be launched soon! A link will be on the website.

Personalized Swim Caps from Pannell Swim Shop

An online order form and more information can be found HERE.

Non-personalized caps will be sold at swim meets and your online account will be billed. (latex - $8.00 silicone - $13.00).

Sponsorship T-Shirts

MAKE SURE YOUR SWIMMERS T-SHIRT SIZE IS CORRECT! I will be using t-shirt sizes that are registered through our website when ordering sponsorship shirts. All swimmers receive a sponsorship t-shirt. How to check your swimmer’s t-shirt size:

1)     SIGN IN to the website (www.lexingtondolphins.org)

2)     Click on MY ACCOUNT on the left side of the screen

3)     Click MY ACCOUNT on the drop-down menu

4)     Click your swimmers name

5)     Scroll down to find size


Fundraising information & sponsorship forms can be found HERE. Sponsorship forms and payments must be received by September 30, 2018 to be included in the October meet program and to be included on the team sponsorship t-shirt and sponsor banner.


Interested in becoming an official? Please contact our Officials Coordinator, Bob Bravard, for more information. (bobbravard@twc.com)


LEXD Swim-A-Thon 2018 begins NOW. We are excited for this year’s event which will be held on October 27, 2018 at Pinnacle Pool from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m for all LEXD locations. We will begin the day at 11:00 a.m. with Performance groups.  Development and Technique groups should arrive at 1:00 and Challenge group at 2:00.  We have to stagger times in order to accommodate all swimmers participating.  If you cannot arrive at your suggested time, we suggest you come anytime between 1:00 and 4:00.


Any high school students who need service hours are welcome to volunteer to count laps. Please email Shelly Filer at 4filers@gmail.com if you are interested.


Swim-a-thon is an easy way to help you meet your family fundraising goal and is a fun time for our swimmers and coaches!  Our team fundraising goal this year is $20,000 and we need your support and participation to help us reach our goal!  Everything you need to collect pledges is accessible through our website via your private account.  The platform allows you to email friends and family as well as post to your social media accounts. Customize your page today! CLICK HERE!

If you receive an OFF-LINE DONATION in the form of a check or cash it is important that you log the information to your swimmer's account before turning it in so that credit is assigned appropriately. Simply click on the +offline donor button on your swimmer's fundraising page and follow the simple steps. All checks/cash need to be submitted to Shelly Filer or Coach Cole.

You will receive weekly emails during our Swim-a-thon campaign with updates and more information as well as weekly incentives for swimmers. Our first incentive period is from now (8/29) until September 16th (9/16).  To kick off our event, all swimmers who receive donations during that time frame will be entered into a drawing for FREE MEET ENTRY FEES at our Dolphin's Finfest meet and a Lexington Dolphins towel.


5% of the proceeds raised from our Swim-A-Thon goes back to the USA Swimming Foundation to support youth learn-to- swim programs and to provide financial support to our U.S. National Team athletes and coaches. By donating to our Swim-a-Thon fundraiser, you are not only providing funds to build a stronger team at home, you are helping to give kids across the country the same great experience in the pool. 


If you have questions about Swim-A-Thon please contact Shelly Filer at 4filers@gmail.com.

Swim-A-Thon Silent Action

We are looking for a few volunteers to help solicit silent auction items: basketball or football tickets after 10/27, beach houses, condos, cabins, or any business that would like to promote their business with a donation (gift baskets, gift cards, etc). Please reach out to Shane Burden (Burdens@ur.com) or Lynne Washbish (lwashbish@qx.net) for more information!


A donation letter can be found HERE.



Swim Meet Schedule

The 2018-2019 meet schedule can be found HERE.

The coaching Staff asks for all LEXD swimmers to participate in at least 2 meets throughout the short course season. We offer two team hosted meets in Lexington that are great for all age groups!

For new families:

USA swimming differs from summer league swim.

USA Swimming is constructed around putting individual swimmers into Age-Groups. Example of Age-groups are: 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, & 15 & Over. We attend a few meets where the 10 & Under age group is subdivided into an 8 & Under age group, as well.

In addition, in USA swimming, all age-groups participate in 50 yard races and longer. Some meets offer 25 yard races to 8 & Unders ONLY. You can see what events are offered at each swim meet by looking at the meet information document (posted when received) after CLICKING on the swim meets individual name on our website.

Meet Sign-up Procedure:

1) SIGN IN to our website (www.lexingtondolphins.org) using your account login information.

2) Click on the EVENTS tab at the top of the homepage OR scroll down on the main page.


4) Click on the swimmer you would like to commit. Under DECLARATION click the arrow and select YES. PLEASE include in the COMMENT BOX which days your swimmer DOES NOT plan on attending or include race suggestions. The coaches will choose what events swimmers will compete in. Then click SAVE CHANGES.

5) You should receive a confirmation e-mail after you sign-up your athlete(s).

If you want to take your swimmer out of the meet BEFORE the online deadline has expired, just go back to the EVENTS tab, click on EDIT COMMITMENT, select swimmer, click arrow again and select NO, save changes. MEET INFORMATION can be found by click on the swim meets NAME.

How to look up your swimmer’s events:

Once the coaches have assigned events and approved them, then you can look up your swimmers’ events. Go to the EVENTS tab and click on EDIT COMMITMENT again. All events will appear.

REMINDER: If you sign up for a meet and do not attend that meet, you will still be billed for your swimmers’ events.

Meet Deadlines:

Reminder emails will go out to everyone automatically 7 days before the meet deadline approaches. If you have already signed up for the meet, you will still get this email.  Do not worry. It does not mean you are not signed up.  The reminder emails go out to everyone, regardless of whether your swimmer is signed up or not.

If there are any corrections/problems with events/entries please email Coach Cole (coachcole@lexingtondolphins.org) and your site coach.


LEXD FinFest - Oct. 13th-14th: Deadline: Oct. 8th

CSC Fall Frenzy - Nov. 2nd-4th: Deadline: Sept. 23rd

KYA Autumn Classic - Nov. 9th-11th: Deadline: Oct. 15th - (Not open yet)


CSC Fall Frenzy (Indianapolis) – CLICK HERE

Meet of Champs (Brentwood) – CLICK HERE - (An additional hotel will be added)

Z-Freeze (Zionsville) – CLICK HERE - (Coming Soon!)


Pannell Swim Shop Night – Sept. 25th @ 6:00 PM

Swim-A-Thon – Oct 27th @ Pinnacle Pool


Richmond: There will be no Monday practices until mid-October.  The Technique Group will practice on Tuesdays until then.

Transy: Sept. 10th-13th & Sept. 17th-20th Performance Elite will practice from 6:30-8:30pm at Transy. Morning practices remain the same at Pinnacle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the coaching or administrative staff!


Coach Dave – coachdave@lexingtondolphins.org

Coach Chrislyn (Team Admin) – coachchrislyn@lexingtondolphins.org

Coach Cole – coachcole@lexingtondolphins.org

Coach Kevin – knknez@gmail.com

Coach Katy – coachkaty@lexingtondolphins.org

Coach Matt – paintergap@yahoo.com

Coach Maddy – maddynasrallah7496@gmail.com

Coach Kyle – coachkyle@lexingtondolphins.org

Coach Annie – annie.s.wilson@gmail.com

Coach DP – coachdp@lexingtondolphins.org

Lynne Washbish (Team President) – lwashbish@qx.net



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Instagram – LexDolphins



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