2018-2019 SCY Welcome Letter

Mission: Creating Excellence in and out of the water

Core Values: Desire, Dedication, Determination

Vision: Local TEAM, national presence


CW Families,

Welcome to another great year on Club Wolverine.  Our coaching staff has spent the break assessing our current program and finding ways to move our already great team forward. We are excited to get back to work next week. Before we focus on the upcoming season, I want to take a moment to congratulate our team on a great 2017-2018 SCY and LCM season. Below is a list of our team accomplishments from last year:


2017 - 2018 8 and Under Finale World Champions

2017- 2018 SCY 12 and Under Michigan State Champions

2017 - 2018 SCY 13/14 and Open Michigan State Champions

2018 LCM 12 and Under Michigan State Champions

2018 LCM LCM 13/14 and Open Michigan State Champions

2018 NCSA Summer Junior National Champions

2018 NCSA Female Performance of the Year

2018 NCSA Coach of the Year

40 New Team Records!

Practice Schedule/Equipment:


Ann Arbor


Equipment List by Group

Meet Schedule:


Posted on the website. We will have recommended meets by training group online by the end of next week.

GAIN Network (Dry-Land):

We are excited to announce that we will be working with the GAIN Network for our dry-land program. GAIN is led by world renowned Vern Gambetta. Gambetta has worked and implemented strength and conditioning programs for power house swim teams like Carmel Swim Club, Mason Manta Rays, and Dynamo Swim Club. He has also worked with professional sport teams including Manchester City F.C. We are excited to move the dry side of our program forward.

High School Swimmers:


Remember to register for our High School training group during High School season. There is no charge and it will keep your account active.

Parking at EMU:


Swim Club and Rec/IM Users may purchase a Rec/IM permit on a semester basis. Essentially, the permit will grant the same parking permissions as the commuter permit at the commuter price.  The biggest difference is that the Rec/IM permit will not require an emich account to login, unlike the student commuter permits. We are in process of creating this product online so that Rec/IM members are not required to come to the ParkEMU office for purchase.  There will be a widget created that we will ask you to place on your website to allow for these permits to be sold. We will get a report of how who is registered, and will verify with you to make sure that the parkers purchasing the permits are parkers for Rec/IM.


Pay per visit: We have been given approval to open Snow Lot and the main campus parking structure as transient parking on weekends only. This option will be available as text to park, and we can get you more information on that once the technology is nearing completion.  Our goal is to have this available by early September. The Bowan Paid Lot will also be available per hour if users prefer the location or would like to pay with cash. The price to pay per visit is $1.50/hour. This will also add more options during swim meets, which I would guess will make the guests happier.

Congrats to Josh Wood!


Coach Josh will be taking the lead in Brighton as Head Site Coach. We are excited for him to take the lead!


Looking forward to another great year on CW!