Upcoming Meets, Entries and Scratches

Welcome to the 2018/2019 season! Here are some reminders about meet entries and scratches.

The 2018-2019 SCY Meets tab allows for a quick overview of all scheduled meets. We will link the meet info as soon as it becomes available to each meet, you will find our entry lists as soon as they have been submitted and the results after the meets, too.  Please check your entries on the lists, mistakes can happen and they are easier to fix the earlier they are detected. Don't wait until the day before the meet!

The Meet tab is where you go to declare your intentions: will you swim the whole meet, only one day or session, or will you scratch from the meet altogether? As soon as the computer files of the meet become available you can declare your intend, our deadlines are posted here, too.

Swimmers in Groups 3+4 are automatically entered into all meets. If you do not want to swim a meet or only want to enter a specific session you have to edit your commitment BEFORE our posted deadline. You can also write a note to the coaches. The coaches will pick your events but you may choose the sessions you want to swim and naturally you may discuss your events with your coach. If you are unsure if you can attend a meet, enter, you may always scratch later. You will stay responsible for the entry fees but we can not guarantee we can enter you later because meets close out.

Swimmers in Groups 1+2 are only entered if they edit their commitment to attend. You can choose to attend a certain day or session or the whole meet. Talk to your coaches about the attendance. Make sure you declare your entries BEFORE our posted deadlines.

Deadlines and Entry Fees:  Meets fill up very quickly, we therefore try to get our entries in before we can get closed out. We try our best to accommodate requests after the deadlines but we cannot guarantee we can still get you in. Scratches after the deadlines are OK but you are responsible for your entry fees.  USA Swimming meets cost money (the pools have to be paid, etc). Once we submit our entries we have to pay for our team.  We do not get money back for individual scratches! 

Our first meets are posted:

Entries for the RFAC Lizzy Miller Invitational at Marist in October and the VAC Classic at Valley Central HS in November are due after the first week of practice! Both files have been posted and you can declare your intend to swim or scratch NOW.

Please check the meets frequently in the beginning of the season.

Any questions? Email