2018-2019 WAVE Policy Changes

 Below are four policy clarifications and changes:

2018-2019 WAVE Policy Changes

1. Attendance: Surf Elite/Maverick Elite will be strictly enforced. 80% will need to be maintained throughout the season to be able to compete in Championship meets.

2. Escrow: If monies are not received by the listed due date your swimmer will be pulled from that meet. Escrow due dates are listed on WAVE SCY Meet Schedule. A onetime reminder will be sent 5 days before the due date, this will be your only reminder

3. Swim Meets: Swimmers may not leave the deck without informing the coaches and are required to sit with their team during the meets. Playing games on your electronics while at meets is not allowed.

4. Parent Code of Conduct: First Offense will be a verbal/written admonishment. Second offense will be a one week suspension for your swimmer. The third and final offense will result with the expulsion of your swimmer from the team, no monies will be refunded with the exception of escrow.