Behind the Blocks - Christina Mainz

Behind the Blocks - ECA's Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Christina “Christee” Mainz!

Christee Mainz serves as the Camp Lejeune site president and has been actively involved with ECA since 2016, when the Camp Lejeune Swim Team decided to partner with ECA.

“I enjoy volunteering because the swim team is such a remarkable asset to our Marine Corps community,” Christee said. “I have a sense of pride knowing that our executive committee was able to bring ECA to our swimmers.”

Christee works closely with Marine Corps Community Services under the direction of the commanding general who allows ECA to operate as an approved private organization at Camp Lejeune.

The site committee acts as a liaison between Camp Lejeune and ECA, ensuring adherence to the swim team bylaws while meeting requirements for use of the training pool and keeping all required documentation.

The team is valuable part of life on base.

“In a transient community such as ours, we strive to provide an opportunity and environment that promotes not only a life skill, but the comradery that is essential to forming bonds of friendship,” Christee said. “Our military children are amazingly resilient. Being part of a team is often the quickest and easiest way to form friendships at a new duty station.”

Before joining forces with ECA, parent volunteers ran the Camp Lejeune swim program for more than 60 years.

“Being a part of ECA gives me a sense of peace,” Christee said. “As long as we have remarkable folks like Scott Pake and Casey Charles leading us, swimming at Camp Lejeune will continue to provide the team experience we hope to bring to our children for years to come!”

Christee is mom to Creed, who swims in the senior group.

Thank you Christee for your dedicated service!