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Hello Marlins,

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the parent's meeting on Wednesday!   This was an important meeting in which we went over all aspects of team operations, team goals, vision, what to expect, roles & responsibilities of parents/coaches/athletes, schedules, and other pertinent information.   If you missed this meeting you may not fully understand what is happening with the team.  Please review the presentation that is attached to the meeting event here Please note, this presentation simply gives bullet points- the real content was in the dialogue.  

Please see below for a few items needing immediate attention:


Please make sure to attend the following group parents meeting with your group coach.   This is an important time to go over all aspects of your training group dynamics, meet schedules, what to expect as a member of your specific training group, and an opportunity to ask your primary coach relevant questions.  Mark your calendars for the following dates - it would be helpuful for all parents to attend these meetings.  All meetings held in the classroom at Folsom Aquatic Center:

  • Group 1 - Tuesday 9/11 @ 5:00pm
  • Group 2/3 - Monday 9/10 @ 5:00pm
  • Pre-Senior - Monday 9/10 @ 6:00pm
  • Senior Program - Tuesday 9/11 @ 6:00pm


Our annual team fundraiser (retro-active for the 2017-2018 season) will be happening tonight in addition to team pictures.  Each parent was given a printout at the meeting on Wednesday showing whether they are expempt or active from this fundraiser based on when they joined the team.   If you have any questions on this please contact a board member.

Team photos this evening will be taken starting @ 3:30 for those who can make it that early.  Swimmers can start turning in their money beginning at 4:30.  Swimming begins around 5:00.  Please wear your new BLACK Marlins shirt that was given to you at Registration.  If you were not at the parents meeting to pick up your registration items, a table will be set up this evening to hand out the remaining items.   Parents, you are also welcome to buy more shirts for yourselves or family members if you so desire. 

Regardless of your exempt status, all swimmers are welcome to be in the water with us tonight from 5:00 - 6:30pm!   Swimmers from each group are welcome to come get in the pool and swim.   Please note this will not be a typical practice.


We will continue to provide an open deck in which parents can observe practice.  However,  It is strongly suggested that you do ANYTHING else with your time.  Get a group of parents out walking or start your own dryland group.  You can always catch up on reading, too!

If you do happen to watch practice, it is expected that you will adhere to the following:

  1. Observe silently
  2. No videotaping.  
  3. Unless of emergency, do not engage in any conversation with yours or other swimmers at any time.  
  4. Do not engage in conversation with the coaching staff.   They are working. Office hours are by appointment if you have something to discuss
  5. Stay in the parents viewing area (concrete tables area just inside the pool gate).  Please do not walk around the pool to get a better “view” and/or set up folding chairs on the side of the deck.  This is our workspace!   Parents who are not following this guildeline will be asked to move.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out directly!  We could not be more excited to kick this season off!
Best Regards,