AG & Flex Updates Sept 9

 Age Group/Flex Updates

Weather updates---please keep an eye out for emails regarding cancellations this week due to Florence.

Team Updates—Regular practices start the 10th!

Tomorrow, our regular practices begin!  I'm excited to get rolling!  All swimmers, both new and returning, should be registered by the end of the week. Practice schedules are posted under the Calendars/Schedules tab.

On Tues, Sept 18, All American Swimwear will be at the pool for suit try ons and to sell gear; a list of gear by squad is listed under the Team Info tab at the top of the home page.

YR Round swimmers have team suits included in registration; Flex swimmers do not, but CAN order the suit if desired---our team discount will apply! The equipment list is under Team Info.

T-shirt orders will be based on this year's sizes as entered during registration.

This week’s focus will be (mostly) backstroke.  To get daily videos, follow this link:

MEETS —Our first meet is October 12-14 in Wilmington.  This meet is designed to be an intro to USA Swimming meet—Waves of Wilmington hosts it at UNC-W.  Senior swimmers compete in the morning; 12 & unders compete in the afternoon.  It’s a great way to try out a meet, even for one day, and be home in time for dinner! Registration will be open soon; the meet information is posted as a pdf on the Meets Tab.  This meet has 25-yd races (1 length) for 8 & unders; races for 9 & over start at 50 yards (2 lengths), which is a standard racing distance. There are plenty of 6 & unders at this meet as well, so if you are gaging your child’s interest in competition, this meet is great. Plus, meet management really works with the youngest swimmers to ensure a good experience!

For more information on swim meets and how they work, see the Team Info/Parents & SSS 101

We will be submitting entries on the 18th, as this meet fills up quickly!

Lessons instructors and Aides needed:

Our lessons program starts Saturday, Sept 15, with lessons running from 10-10:40; 10:45-11:25; and 11:30-12:00.  The 11:30 lessons, which may start a week later, are part of our commitment to the Make A Splash Foundation to provide lessons to underserved populations and to combat drownings.  We are in the process of sending out information via local organizations for these lessons, plus we will be seeking donations as well (which will count toward fundraising for our families—more information coming!)

Aides need to be 11 years old; Instructors need to be 14 and can be paid ($10/group lesson). Regular training sessions are required for all instructors and aides; shadowing is required initially as well (just for one day of lessons).

Instructor/Aide trainings:  1 must be attended:

1.      Sept 14 5:00-6:15pm

2.      Sept 15 8:15-9:30am

Trainings can count for volunteer hours for schools—as can lessons, if the instructors are not paid (Make A Splash lessons are great for this).