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WELCOME TO NOVA OR WELCOME BACK . . .  whatever the case may be. The coaching staff is delighted that you have chosen NOVA and we will do our best to make this a productive and pleasant year for your family.  Copies of the new parent introduction to the NOVA Aquatics Center will be e-mailed to save costs! The first week can be a bit chaotic, so relax and allow us to organize the chaos and apply our experienced sense of order to it all bit by bit.


HURRICANE FLORENCE FORECASTS VARY WIDELY . . . but as residents of the Richmond area, we are certainly used to uncertain weather forecasts. As the storm nears (or doesn’t), our decision making process will begin to churn. Our current intent is to follow a regular practice schedule. Any changes to that will be posted on the website unless we can’t do that due to weather. So stay tuned and pray for a positive outcome for our town.  


IF YOUR FAMILY IS NEW TO NOVA . . . , welcome. We know you probably have questions. To make your first year experience enjoyable, new parents will be assigned a parent mentor (probably a veteran NOVA mom !). These mentors can answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Sometime in the next few weeks, new parents will be contacted by e-mail or phone. During the first two weeks of practice, these mentor parents will staff a help desk 3:00- 7:30 most weekdays in the NOVA Aquatic Center lobby; we will have mentors in place at the first meet as well. Our mentors stand ready to share their NOVA experience and knowledge! New NOVA parent handout


THE LATEST CHAMPIONSHIPS . . . are being added to our banners and we are currently awaiting their delivery. Once they arrive, take a gander or show them to your children to let them steep in NOVA’s rich tradition of excellence.


SUMMER LC EASTERN ZONES SWIMMERS WERE THE LAST NOVA SWIMMERS TO HAVE SPLASHES IN THE 2018 LCM SEASON . . . and there were just four of them this year: JD Chen, Pablo Silva, Harry Belcher and Abigail Wang. JD Chen was Top Eight with a 7th in the 50 breaststroke and an 8th in the 200 IM.

 New Time Standard Improvement
Pablo Silva     200 IM AAA


OUR COACH/PARENT MEETINGS WILL AIM TO START THIS WEEKEND . . . and more will be conducted next weekend but Hurricane Florence may speak louder than my written words here so stay tuned. The coaching staff strongly advises that parents attend - new and veteran families. We’ll spice that advice with the offer of a volunteer hour for attending families.  Coaches will spell out their goals for their groups and answer questions regarding the upcoming season. Please honor us with your presence.  Please bring a folding chair because we will move outside if there is good weather. If the weather does go miserable, please consult the website or check your e-mail for changes.               

If the meetings are listed separately, they will be held separately.       

  Novice Silver & Gold Meeting:    Sunday, 9/23    4:00 PM

                           AGP:    Sunday, 9/23    2:15 PM

                           AGS:    Sunday, 9/23    1:00 PM

                          AGDS:    Sunday, 9/23    3:15 PM

                           AGG:    Sunday, 9/23    1:00 PM

                        Senior:    Saturday, 9/22  7:30 AM

                        SDG PM:    Saturday, 9/22 10:00 AM

                           SDS:    Saturday, 9/15  9:30 AM

                           SDP:    Saturday, 9/15 10:00 AM

                          AGDG:    Sunday, 9/23    2:00 PM

                            SS I:    Saturday, 9/15  7:30 AM

                            SS II: Saturday, 9/22 7:30 AM

                            SG:    Saturday, 9/15  7:30 AM


MEET ENTRIES WILL BE DUE EARLIER THIS YEAR . . . thanks to some new demands by Virginia Swimming. In all years previous, a Sunday night deadline was par for the short or long course. This year, we will have to obey a Wednesday or Thursday deadline. That’s pushing the envelop back a few days so please take note. Sorry for the compression but the choice was not ours.


WE KNOW SOME OF YOU VISITED INTERESTING FAR-FLUNG LOCALES . . . this summer and we would love to see pictures added to our Flat Cap NOVA bulletin board. Some great pictures grace it now but we would love to see some new additions! Please send to Coach Geoff.


PLEASE SUBMIT MEDICAL FORMS . . . for your child(ren) to the business office. If you need a form, please visit the help desk in the lobby or stop by the office.


ALL YOUR SWIMMING EQUIPMENT NEEDS . . . can be met by the Virginia Swim Shop located to the right of the main door.   Come visit the hard-working ladies and remember that the Swim Shop is one of NOVA’s key fund-raisers.  Your visits support your child!


CONGRATULATIONS TO TOWNLEY HAAS AND CHARLIE SWANSON . . . for once again being selected to USA Swimming National teams. Now enrolled at Texas, Townley was selected for the National team in the 200 m free; Charlie made the National team in the 400 IM. Some folks say that the hardest task is sports is that of repeating and maybe it is. We are proud of them!!


SOME NOVA COLORS PICNIC TABLES HAVE RECENTLY BEEN ADDED . . . to the NOVA campus. They look great and they are there to be enjoyed! Or perhaps as a resting place for wall ball or four square players.


REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR THE 10th ANNUAL SHORT PUMP MILE AND EXPRESS FUN RUN . . . is available on-line at Register now and be a part of the largest timed youth running race in Richmond. The NOVA Coaching Staff strongly encourages all NOVA swimmers to enter. NOVA families that participate will receive one volunteer hour and can receive up to another hour for a sibling or friend referral. The business team has been busy lining up corporate support and we need to respond as an organization to that support by participating strongly in these runs. Many thanks to TowneBank and The Petkauskas Foundation for being the two key 2018 event sponsors. It’s worthy, it’s fun and there’s nothing like watching swimmers run. Please note that 100% of all race proceeds are earmarked for NOVA outreach initiatives. The cost is $17 per runner if registered by September 20th; on-line registration will remain open until September 24th. Every runner receives a T-shirt, swag bag and a race medal. Thanks so much to Amy Belcher, race director, stepping up to lead the 2018 Short Pump Mile and Express Fun Run.


OK, I’LL BE A BIT APOLOGETIC FOR BEGINNING THIS SEASON WITH  FUND-RAISING NOTES. . . but each is a useful reminder for the beginning of the year. As a non-profit organization, NOVA relies on fund-raising to supplement dues and fees. Fund-raising is an important part of the NOVA budget and allows families to keep costs down. Annual fund-raising obligations are based on the group level for each swimmer: $125 for Novice swimmers and $225 per swimmer for all groups above Novice. The maximum fund-raising obligation for any family is capped at $ 450 per family. If your family is on a three month trial, the commitment is $ 100 per child. We offer some very tidy ways to do your fund-raising via your everyday shopping. Check these out on the website under the parents’ tab:  SCRIP, grocery gift cards, MIDAS oil change cards, Virginia Diner, Yankee candles, Swim-A-Thon, heat sheet advertising and corporate matching gifts information can all be found there. Click that parents’ tab and step back: a wealth of information awaits!!


DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS OR MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY? Consider advertising in heat sheets at NOVA meets and reaching hundreds of families with a specifically tailored message about your product or service. Easy, cost-effective and 10% of any ad you place or refer will be credited to your fund-raising account. Each heat sheet is the booklet that lists events, heat and lane assignment for all entered swimmers. Every family reads it to find out when their children are swimming. Reasonable pricing! For more information, contact for information. Visit the NOVA website under Parent/Fundraising to learn more about our programs. 


VOLUNTEERING QUESTIONS?  Answers right here.  Every NOVA family contributes to the club’s operations by volunteering time and talent.  12 hours is the tariff for new families and 16 for those with returning Novice only swimmers; returning families not meeting that Novice only criteria must volunteer 24 hours per year.  Swim meets offer a wide range of opportunities to volunteers; each family will be sent an e-mail indicating that meet job opportunities are available on-line.  If meets aren’t your preference, NOVA has many additional opportunities to volunteer: committees, fund-raising events, special projects and parties and more. Please see the website for more information.


INTRODUCING OUR COACHING LINE-UP FOR 2018-19 . . .  and I know you will note the experience available at all levels of our program. Our coaches are most excited about the coming year. We aim to top the storied glory of this past season!!


Mark Kutz:  AM Senior Groups, Senior Prep, Masters, All around Super sub, the Pace Guy at National & Senior meets

Drew Hirth:  Age Group Development Gold, facility, meet planning

MC Thomas:  AGDG, AGG

Mike Julian:  Senior Silver II, SDG PM

Stephanie Wolfle:  SDS

Michael Cousins:  SDP, SDS

David Schreck:  Senior, SDG PM

Geoff Brown:  Novice Gold, Senior Gold

Jamie Greenwood:  Senior Silver I, Novice Gold

 Lisa Brown:  Novice Silver

Anita Dillman:  Novice Silver, Novice Gold, Age Group Silver 

Mike McKee:  Age Group Development Silver, Age Group Prep

Luke Nelson:  AGDS, AGS, Stroke and Conditioning

Matt Bailey:  Novice Gold, Novice Silver, Novice Prep, Senior Dev. Prep, Stroke & Conditioning

Tim Dolan:  Age Group Prep

Tim Martin:  Age Group Prep

Megan Garland:  Senior, SDG PM

Wyatt Haas:  AGG, SDS

Clark Hou:  SDS, Stroke & Conditioning   


UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND STRENGTH COACH JAY DEMAYO . . .  will once again be working with our swimmers this year and we are most thrilled about that.  Jay is the strength coach for the Women’s swim team and men’s basketball.


PARENTS BE ADVISED THAT CHILDREN PLAYING OUTSIDE THE BUILDING ARE NOT UNDER THE SUPERVISION . . . of any NOVA staff member.  If your child plays outside and that is OK with you, please remind them that ours is a “trafficked” parking lot and that swiftly darting young children should be wary of the driving lanes.  On the other hand, we are asking that all parents be especially vigilant when you enter our parking lot.  On a slightly related note, please respect the handicap parking places.  I know folks like to use these spaces for picking up swimmers but they are there to provide easy access for handicapped or special needs swimmers and visitors.  We appreciate your support !


DO YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS WHO HAVE EXPRESSED INTEREST IN NOVA? FRIENDS WHO SEEM INTERESTED?  We stand ready to evaluate any and all who have summer swim team level abilities.  Evaluations are quick, easy and free. Interested? E-mail Drew or Geoff. We can take care of most swimming levels somewhere in our program.  From lessons to Masters, NOVA is a full service swimming organization, the best in Richmond and in Virginia.  Modesty forbids us to say more so we’ll stop with that minor bragging.


BEFORE DONATING ELSEWHERE . . . check with the staff to see if NOVA has a need. For example, re-doing your kitchen? Have a decent refrigerator? Consider taking the tax write-off and helping NOVA. We have three such refrigerators here at NOVA but we are always looking to update. Thanks !


WE HAVE THE NOVA FLAT HAT BULLETIN BOARD . . . that traces, through pictures, the travels of NOVA families and their NOVA caps. I thought it would be fun to see NOVA’s international bloodlines. Here is the rule: only parents and children count. So parents or children have to be first generation here in the United States.  Here’s what we have gathered - I suspect we have more. And I proved to be right after many long months, then a very short week of waiting!! Now 36 countries and counting! Albania became our latest proud addition to our point of origin list. Don’t hold out on us regarding your point of origin if you’re not on this list!                                                                 












Czech Republic















Seychelles Bosnia & Herzegovina


South Africa

Sri Lanka


The Philippines




E-mail Coach Geoff with any additions. I suspect we will have an amazing NOVA tapestry when we are done - if we ever get done!!!

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