Support letter for the Pool Renovation!


Below is a letter drafted by the Sea Dragons Boosters. Please read, and if you agree, feel free to share with any and all who will listen. This is finally an opportunity to let the City of Dublin know how much the pool situation needs to change for our kids (and the community) . Thank you for your support! Hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow night at the meeting.

We are lucky to call Dublin, Ohio home. 

An esteemed school district, a beautiful park system, world-class restaurants and entertainment, and a thriving economy are a few of the perks of residing in the “happiest place to live.” Residents often say everything they could ever ask for can be found within Dublin.

One of the few things Dublin lacks is competitive swimming pool space. The Dublin Rec Center lap pool is the only practice facility for year-round community swim programs including: the Dublin Community Swim Team, youth swim lessons, adult fitness swimming, and the three Dublin high school swim teams. These programs, along with other community-users, make for a very crowded natatorium—so crowded that the community and high school swim team programs have membership caps well below the community interest in those programs, and residents are turned away. The Dublin high school teams are a good example, with teams capped at twenty-eight swimmers. A full high school swim team roster is thirty-two swimmers, with many other high school teams around the state fielding to as many as sixty to seventy swimmers per team. Dublin’s population has tripled in the last thirty years, with even more growth forecasted, and the competitive pool space has remained the same.

Additionally, Dublin does not have a 50-meter lap pool to facilitate the Dublin Community Swim Team’s summer long course swim season. The Dublin Community Swim Team travels to rented pool space in both north Columbus and Marysville every day during the summer for practice. The addition of a 50-meter pool in Dublin would not only help to meet the developmental, recreational, health/wellness, and competitive needs of the community, but would also allow for opportunities for revenue generating competitive events.

The Dublin Community Pool North renovation is our opportunity to bring the competitive swimming pool facilities up to the current standards of the city of Dublin. When filling out the renovation survey, please consider it an opportunity to advocate for the growth and continued success of the youth swimming programs in our community by prioritizing the 50-meter pool and indoor natatorium options.


The Dublin Community Swim Team Booster Board