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Swimfo Sept. 12th


We trust school is starting up well and everyone is starting to find some semblance of rhythm.  We appreciate the commitment you make to the team and the sacrifices that it takes to get your swimmers to practice.  We know that this shut down is a challenge no matter which way you roll the dice.  My goal with swimfo’s is to boil down information and communication in order to minimize the number of emails you’re receiving.  Please take some time and read through what’s going on.

  1. I know some people are wondering why we would take a break for two weeks in August when the OC pool was open and then start up in early September when it’s closed, especially when we have a 7-week shutdown at OC?  I understand the concerns.  Here are the factors that went into my decision.  1) Competitively, the sooner we start in September the better.  If you're curious about this and would like me to explain just ask but Ben and I have always been wanting to start sooner in September we just didn't have the resources.  2) Traditionally August is one of our lowest attended months due to family vacations.  September just about everyone will be back, rolling at school and therefore able to make practice.  We’re going to experiment and learn from our experiences.  Sometimes we’ll fail but our goal is to fail forward just like all our athletes.  Thanks for your support, patience, and understanding.  Keep your ear to the ground to hear about adjustments we may make due to weather and to keep practices as close to the Oregon City area as possible for as long as possible.
  2. That said, we’ve had 21 responses on the carpool form here.  I know we have a whole lot more people than that.  Let’s work together to mitigate the driving load, reduce resources used and get as many swimmers to practice as possible.  It’s super quick!  Click the link and click, click, click. 
  3. We’ve posted the tentative meet schedule here.  Check it out and save some dates.  We’re going to keep updating this as we confirm meets and our acceptance.  One thing that makes our team attractive to invite to competitions is the number of officials we have.  We need more!  At this point we really need some parents to become ET’s (Electronic timers) as well.  We will set up an informational/education experience soon but LO is having some this month!
  4. One meet we’re really excited to go to this year is the Winter Lights meet in Tucson, Arizona on November 29th-Dec 2nd.  We haven’t nailed down exactly who can go yet but it will likely be 11 and over swimmers that exceed their groups attendance requirement and have B qualifying times or faster.  The coach of FAST is a good friend and he has offered to have his parents host groups of athletes so all we’d have to pay for is airfare and meet fees.  That makes this a reasonable opportunity to create an AMAZING experience!  A parent group that could help coordinate, fundraise and plan would be helpful.  Please let me know if you are interested.


Coach Matt