Swim club bowling party 9/22/18

We are hosting a "Welcome Back to School/Welcome Back to Pool" party at Radio Social for the Victor Swim Club on Saturday, September 22nd from 1-3 PM.

Check out the fun at Radio Social – Strike Your Fancy



Radio Social – Strike Your Fancy



Please come with your swimmer and your whole family (if you want) to bowl and eat a few snacks. 

There are free games and games for purchase that are fun for the whole family.

If you want to attend, we need to collect your check of $14 pp to bowl (for an hour), which includes shoes and unlimited bowling games for your time slot (either 1-2 PM or 2-3 PM).

Please just let us know when you want to bowl, as we have to reserve 1-2 bowling lanes in advance, and we can have up to 6 bowlers per lane.

Please sign up at the "job" signup if your swimmer is intereseted

We can do Boys Vs. Girls or Swimmers Vs. Parents to see who is good at bowling AND swimming!


We will have some light appetizers, but you are welcome to purchase the delicious food and (adult and child) drinks available.  This is a family-friendly venue that is open early on this particular day to host this event.

We are having this right after the Senior/Senior Prep swim practice, so your hungry swimmer can eat and bowl.

Please come and join us even if you are resting from your high school swim practice, or home relaxing because you did not have morning practice!


If you want to attend, please send in a check to Victor Swim Club by next Wednesday evening, 9/19 to secure your bowling spot!

You can still attend even if you are not bowling, if you want to play the free games or play pool or skeebowl or air hockey.


We look forward to seeing you!

If you have questions, feel free to email Sandy Jee at

Sandy Jee will be collecting checks on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Many thanks to Sandy for organizing this fun event!