Great Ak-O-Mak Weekend!
We had an amazing Ak-O-Mak weekend!
We had a slick bus loading and departure thanks to the parking lot parents and well-seasoned 'bus mom' Ashley.  After a quick talk from Mr. Finch, the campers headed to their cabins and the parents and Varsity group stayed back to plot....
Saturday morning began with perfect weather- warm, sunny and still.  Perfect for the first early bird of the weekend.  The water was WARM (much to Mr. Finch's dismay-- he prefers to chip ice off the canoes in the morning).  A large group of eager swimmers made their way to Monster Rock and another group swam triangles in the bay- while the super-parents paddled safety for them.  The junior kids ran with Mike R and Joanna to the road and back.  A great start to the day!  
The group was divided into two teams for the weekend - blue and silver- each headed by a team of Varsity swimmers- and so the competition began.... 
Morning program followed our cabin inspection and we ran/swam/paddled/SUPed/planked/shot free throws/hunted for gold until lunch.  Campers were scheming to win gems and running all over camp... many of our junior swimmers swam open water for the first time- encouraged and accompanied by one of their senior teammates.  It was amazing to see!
The afternoon was epic-- we paddled as a team to and from Ahmic Harbour- a total of 6 miles.  Several senior/development members of the team chose to swim there and everyone did beautifully.  It was a first Ahmic Harbour swim for many of them!
Evening program was in the back field- capture the flag- followed by a great big campfire and WAY too many marshmallows.  
Day two began with another early bird and was followed by our traditional 5/10k run-- everyone rose to the challenge and for many of our younger campers it was their first 5k ever!  The 10k runners did an amazing job- our camp 10k is a tough one- uphill both ways.
Our second afternoon began with a nap (for campers and some of the parents and coaches😉) and we then ran a 'splash and dash' race for the group.  Teams were created and they created a relay where they swam open water then ran a looped course four times.  It was a high energy event and everyone loved it!
Evening program was again in the back field and was followed by a longer campfire with time for the swimmers to talk about their personal goals for the upcoming season.... they eagerly went off to bed after this😉.  
This morning we had an energetic early bird then packed and cleaned our cabins and helped to clean up camp and prepare it for the winter.  Many canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, lifejackets, benches and tables were cleaned and stored.  Ak-O-Mak was grateful for our help!  All of the kids had a chance to play tetherball and have a few quiet moments with Mr. Finch this morning to plan the junior/development/senior swim season back at WRoss.
This weekend wouldn't have been possible without the VERY hard work of all of the parents and Varsity swimmers.  Thanks to Rebecca Terejko, Megan Misner, Megan Puckering, Erica Pate, Andrew, Nicholas, Daniel Misner, Dan Reardon, Jeff Belowitz and Nicole.  Your enthusiasm and energy were invaluable!  We appreciate you making the trip up to camp to carry on the tradition and join in with team bonding.  Thanks to Terry, Dean and Stephanie, who were new to the parent team this year and who did everything we needed them to do (Stephanie even wrestled with one of the toilets this morning😉).  Thanks to Sean, Chris, Mike and Ken- who paddled and ran and biked and started fires for us.  Thanks to the team 'moms' Shelley, Christie, Shailau and Ashley who directed, lifted, unclogged, paddled and organized from dusk till dawn.
Biggest thanks of all to Mr. and Mrs. Finch- who have created and carried on the wonderful tradition of Ak-O-Mak since 2007.  Each year we challenge the team to go beyond their limits and every single one of them does.  It is a truly amazing weekend and a great start to the season.