MCSC Board Meeting Minutes



Monday, September 10th, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 by president, Nathan Hehr.  Nathan Hehr, Lisa Cole, Yvonne Degraw, Amy Halverson, Matt Murray, Brian Stroup, Sara Korthals, Jon Buseman and Agnese Lein were present.

Introductions were made.


Report from NIS/Coaching Update – As of today, there are six new novice kids and a total of 19 swimmers registered. 

We will continue to take a look at hours and number of swimmers.  We will adjust coaches and practice times as needed throughout the season.

Treasurers Report – We have $10,112.69 in the savings account.  There is $6,744.38 in checking. 

Secretary Report – It was emailed out to the board members and also is available on the NIS website.  Yvonne Degraw made a motion to approve the minutes with a second from Aggi Lien.

New Business

Contract with Speedo Renewal – Discussion was had on whether or not to renew the club’s contract with Speedo.  We had many questions since the previous contract had been done by Eric.  We discussed possibly looking into contracts with TYR, Arena, etc.  We have decided to pursue possibly renewing our contract with Speedo after talking things over with the Speedo representative. 

Update on New Coaches - Matt will check on Allison’s progress on her coaching requirements.  Lisa and Matt are both official now.

Schedule for Short Course Season/Meets – The schedule for the season has been set.  An email went out to parents.  Times are all on the calendar on the NIS Website.

Club Application and Updated Contracts for ISI/USA – Nathan is in the process of getting it finished because it is due soon.  He checked a few things over from the paperwork with the coaches about a few things he had questions about. 

Home Meet Date – Nathan received an email back from Marie at ISI.  Marie says we need to email our request to Travis, Don, and herself.  We will request that the penalty fee be waved since the club is under new ownership.  Nathan will follow up with Marie.    

Swim-a-Thon – Sara Korthals is going to pursue Swim-a-Thon through USA Swimming. 

First Meet Registration/How Many Athletes – As of now, only one swimmer has signed up for the meet.  Once the deadline comes, we will be in contact via email to decide on sending a coach to the meet. 

Old Business

Team Suits/Pictures – We are putting this on hold until we hear from the Speedo rep.

Swim Buddy Program – Friday nights will be swim buddy nights.  Kids will be paired up.  This gives the younger swimmers an opportunity to get to know the older swimmers. 

JAMS Contract – The JAMS contract is complete. 

Outreach Membership – We will be adding information regarding Outreach Memberships on our website. 

NIS Club Night – September 25th will be NIS Club night at the Mason City Girls High School Swim Meet.  Club member will be able to attend the meet free of charge and are highly encouraged to attend.

Fliers for Schools – Lisa made up a flier to post at different businesses.  Yvonne is going to look into getting the flier on the Mason City Schools virtual backpack.  We are going to look into getting the fliers taken to area schools. 

Next Board Meeting – The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 16th at 6:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy Halverson