Sobeys gift cards - fundraiser details

Welcome to all returning and new Crusader families! 


For those new to the club, the Sobeys gift card fundraiser allows families to earn credit towards their MFC. Every month,  DCSC families will be given the opportunity to purchase Sobeys’ gift cards through the club.  Orders must be in $50 increments and are usually due around the 20thof the month. 5% of each order will be credited to families’ MFC accounts.  Payment can be made by either post-dated cheques (for the first of the month) or e-transfer (to the email address ). Gift cards are usually distributed in the first week of the month during designated swim practices.  Alternate arrangements for gift card pickup can also be made by emailing


If the club monthly order is over $20K, the club will also receive an extra 1% percent. If we are close to that figure, I will often make an appeal to families to see if we can reach that amount. Last year, we managed to make the $20K every month from October to June - our order total for the year was over $200K, with families receiving over $10K for their MFC credits, and the club getting just under $2000. 


Sobeys gift certificates are accepted in all Sobeys locations across Canada, Lawton’s Drugs, Fast Fuel and Needs outlets. The gift cards can also be used to purchase gift cards at your local Sobeys for a variety of stores. For Air Miles collectors, note that you will receive your Air Miles when using the gift cards for payment.  With just a little bit of planning, you can get credit against your MFC for many of your usual household purchases. 


The first month of our Sobeys fundraiser will be October. Cheques must be submitted via the DCSC drop box at the Findlay Center by Sept 24th, and can be post-dated for Oct 1st.  E-transfers must be sent to  before the Sept 24th deadline. For busy families, we welcome post-dated cheques to cover the months from October to June. If there is sufficient interest, we will also submit a July order. 


Your Sobeys fundraiser coordinators are Andrea Segovia and Gary Somerton. We have children in Senior AAA (Susana) and Blue NT (Sam) this year and can often be found poolside or picking up kids, so please feel free to come up and ask questions.  You can also email inquiries to . 


Looking forward to another great year!