Great Showing at Long Course State


Ella reached a New Level of Excellence, with 2 State Gold Medals (100FLY, 200BK), 4 State Silver Medals (50BK, 100BK, 50FLY...a 30.63, 100FR) and the 2 New Team Records (50BK - 32.60 & 100FLY - 1:07.67).

Jack G (11) had great swims: a 1:21.89 in the 100FL, cutting off over 5.5 seconds, 4 seconds off his 400FR (5:41.43, altitude adjusted), the 50FL (35.95), and a best time in his 200FL (3:11.69...adj to 3:10.09) placing 17th overall !

Our AG 50FR Sprinters swam strong:  Sophia A (37.12), Silas (37.05), Abby (36.58)!  Sophia also had an impressive 200IM (3:26.30...alt adj), dropping 6 seconds; she also did the 100BK (1:32.80) and cut over 9 seconds off her 200FR (2:51.93...alt adj).

Silas cut over 11 seconds off his 200FR (3:08.28...alt adj) and swam 1:27.04 for his 100FR. Sophia went 42.83 (50BK) and 1:19.65 (100FR) and Abby swam a 1:25.31 (100FR). Calvin, Mason, Jack, and Tomas swam a great 11-12 Boys Medley Relay.

Our small squad finished 22nd as a TEAM and we have a bright future ahead!



Senior State was a chance to show off our Team's 1st Senior State A-Finalist in 3 years!  Jeremy qualified and finished 8th in the 100BK (1:08.01). He also dropped over 6 seconds in the 200BK (2:27.69), placing 8th again in yet another A-Final, only a few hours after him 1500FR. Sofia B also had a solid 100FR (1:04.00) as the 14th fastest 13 year old and swam a strong 200FR (2:21.03) and 50FR (29.86).

Our Team's two 1500FR swimmers cut almost a full minute off their times: Jeremy (19:25.68, 14th Overall) and Dylan (19:25.87, 15th Overall).

Boulder's 13-14 Boys Medley Relay placed 18th with 4:53.75 (Jeremy BK- 1:08.79, Ethan BR- 1:26.33, Dylan FL- 1:14.59, Jonah FR- 1:04.01). The Boys 400FR Relay (Jonah, Jeremy, Dylan, Ethan) moved up to 16th with a nice effort.

Our Girls Medley placed 25th (Sofia BK- 1:16.14, Hannah BR- 1:34.98, Hailey FL- 1:27.83, Katya FR- 1:07.51).