Equipment update 2018/19 season
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A Message from the Equipment Manager

Hi Swim Parents: 

Welcome to Crusaders, or welcome back for a new season.  We are still waiting for the last bits of team uniform to come in.  You will receive an email from letting you know when and where you can pick up your swimmers equipment.  Our suits are custom made and are ordered based on registration numbers and sizes.  Swimmers who were pre-registered with their suit sizes on the form will receive their full team uniform in the next week or so (I hope).  I’ll be putting in a second suit order for the swimmers who registered later. Those swimmers will receive their suits a few weeks after that.  Below are a few other notes on equipment:

Team Uniform

Standard team uniform consists of a Navy/Gold team logo Q-suit, a navy team logo dri-fit, t-shirt and a yellow Crusaders cap.  This is what the coaches expect the swimmers to wear at practices and meets.  

A latex cap is included with your registration. You can swap out the latex cap for a silicone cap (many swimmers prefer these) for $6 when you pick up your gear.  Please bring a cheque or exact change for caps – I don’t carry any cash and its too complicated to track IOUs. 

Extra silicone caps will be available later in the season and are $13.00.  

Gear distribution and sales are all pre-scheduled and you will either be meeting me, or my husband, Jerry Arenovich.  Later in the season, if you need silicone caps, or replacement shirts ($15.00), please email me at  and we can arrange a time and place to meet.  Also, both my husband and I tend to carry a few extra caps in our vehicles. Our swimmer, Erica is on the Senior AAA squad.  If you need a cap, feel free to connect with either of us when you see us at drop-off or pick-up for pool practices, at Revfit, or when watching the meets.          

Additional Equipment 

Finis brand snorkels and fins may be required for some squads (you will be advised by your coach). These items can be ordered from Please use the coupon code crusaders when you check out to get an additional 20% off your purchases (offsets the shipping charge).  

Team Pride Gear

In the past we have offered additional Crusaders team gear (e.g., team logo hoodies, track jackets, sweat pants, long sleeve T-shirt etc.). The selection varies from year to year.  Because we are a small team, we frequently run into problems with not being able to meet the minimum order to get some of the things that swimmers would like to have. We are currently exploring a new way of offering team pride gear to the team – all I can say for now is stay tuned. 

Swim Meet  Gear

During the year, swim meet logo t-shirts may be offered for pre-order by the organizers of some of the meets that your swimmer may compete in.  When shirts are available, we receive a notice from the organizers and send it out to you in “Splash”.  To date the majority of these shirt sales have required parents to fill in a form and drop off payment to the team drop box in the Findlay Center (e.g., there is no on-line or e-transfer option).   Typically we get these notices of meet shirt sales with very little turn around time for you to get your swimmer’s order back in.  So if your swimmer has a meet coming up – keep an eye on Splash for any notices.   Note -not all meet organizers offer t-shirts.      

That’s it for now. Have a good season,