Scholastic All Americans Announced

 Congratulations to the following members of Missouri Valley named to this year's Scholastic All American roster:


Claire Campbell AAAA
Noah Otsuka ANDR
Evan Holt CNS
Grant Sloan CNS
Austin Huskey CSC
Zachary Lorson CSC
Jay Mercer COOL
Christopher Sprenger COOL
Lance Godard EKC
Thomas Huffman EKC
Harold Tjaden EKC
Daniel Worth EKC
Olivia Davison KCB
Andrew Kutney KCB
Brandon Heredia KCSA
Aleksei Hernandez-Nietling KCSA
Tarrin Fisher TSA
Ezekiel Metz TSA
Cameron Murphy TST
Noah Witzki TST
Garrett Clasen UMIZ
Aidan Gantenbein WAS
Astrid Dirkzwager WSC
Benjamin Patton WSC


This tremendous accomplishment requires a 3.5 grade point average in academic course, and a minimum of a USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals cut. Once again, congratulations to all of our recipients for their accomplishments in the classroom and the pool.

For more inofrmation USA-S SAA page