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Augusta Swim Supply Sizing Today and Tomorrow #2


Augusta Swim Supply will be in town for all of your swimmer's equipment needs!

They will be at the Rock Hill Aquatics Center on Friday 9/21 from 4:30-7pm and Saturday 9/22 from 10am-1pm!

Suit sizing



Please make sure you come to RHAC and get outfitted for a great season with the Rays! More info to come soon!

*There will be additional times to get sized however to recieve your equipment at the time of ordering or by next week, please try to make every attempt to come out on these two days

Thanks and below is a link to all the documents to see equipment needs, costs, and where to get other apparel for your swimmer or family members. 


RAYS Equipment and Pricing List 2018-2019

RAYS Swim Shop Order Form

RAYS Parents Volunteer Shirt Order Form

Team Apparel Website: Squad Locker

Suit sizing instructions for Team Suits

FITTING SWIMWEAR – How your swimsuit should feel in opposition to fashion swimwear, in which appearance and style take a higher priority, fit and comfort level should be two of the most important factors.  For swimmers that are skeptical about the benefits of tight-fitting swimwear, we offer the following encouragement: The suit you are trying on is as tight as it’s ever going to be and will loosen over time. The feel of the suit will change once you are in the water. Bag = Drag! Any bag or wrinkles will cause unwanted drag during your race or workout. Swimsuits are more than a means to cover your skin. Like running shoes, competitive swimwear is a piece of sports equipment. And like shoes that are too large, wearing an over-sized swimsuit will cause discomfort and hinder athletic performance.



A common fit test is to lift the straps upwards off the shoulders. You should be able to lift them about one inch or less for a competition suit. When in doubt, move around in your suit to test out the fit. Lift your arms, legs, and shoulders until you’re certain everything stays in place.



Jammers should be sufficiently snug at both waist and knee, to make getting 2 fingers under the fabric somewhat challenging. Waist fit rules! Don’t worry about the leg cuff height, as this will vary for different body types. Remember, your waist measurement equates to the suit size, so a 32″ waist should order a size 32 suit.



Suit care is very important, especially with Nylon, Lycra, and Spandex blends. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your swimsuit: It is advisable to take a shower before entering the pool. This allows fresh water to absorb into the suit first, helping to keep it chlorine free. After swimming, rinse the suit thoroughly with fresh water. Leaving chlorinated water on a suit allows the chemicals to eat away at the fabric. Swimsuits should NEVER be put in the washing machine or dryer.