Howard County Aquatics Head Coaching Announcement

We have a new Head Coach for Howard County Aquatics. Jeremy Fewell will be joining us this October. We will be sending out a date for a parent meet and greet soon. Jeremy will start on Wednesday the week of October 15th.  Please join us in welcoming Coach Fewell to the HCA family! Below is some information about our new coach.

Jeremy joins Howard County Aquatics after spending the last two seasons with Eastern Hancock Aquatic Team. Prior to that Jeremy spent two years coaching for Life Time Swim Team in San Antonio, Texas. He received his B.S. in Youth-Adult and Family Services from Purdue University in 2001.

Jeremy began his coaching career in 2002 with Kokomo High School.  He then moved to Indianapolis where he spent time coaching summer leagues for Indy Parks and Recreation.  Jeremy began coaching club swimming with the Warren Water Warriors in Indianapolis, as well as serving as a high school coach for Warren Central High School. He continued his club coaching with Power Aquatics as it expanded to the Warren area.  He then moved onto becoming the head club coach of Power Aquatics Tipton and also served as head high school coach and middle school coach for Tipton Community School Corporation.  He then spent time coaching at the Life Time Fitness club in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Jeremy is a very disciplined coach, who is very organized and prepared. Jeremy does not do only monthly or seasonal plans for his team. He plans for the future years to come. He has a great vision and plan for the entire program he is involved with. Jeremy is not afraid to reach for the stars and push a program to excel. He is great at using a mathematical approach to plan workouts and simultaneously watch his swimmers and adjust when needed based on feel and knowing his swimmers.

Coach Jeremy wants to take his passion for the sport and help swimmers recognize their potential as an athlete, swimmer, and student.  Coach Jeremy believes with hard work, dedication, and discipline that they can do it all in their lifetime and become excellent swimmers and amazing individuals.