Canadian Junior Championships 2018

Canadian Junior Championships Report

Last season in her final swim meet of the year Catherine Minic traveled to Winnipeg to compete against the best swimmers in the country at the Canadian Junior Championships. The championships were held over 5 days and Catherine competed in 8 of her chosen events.

Having achieved the podium last year at this level Catherine had set a goal of becoming National champion. This was not going to be an easy task competing across a lot of events and racing high calibre athletes from across Canada.

Catherine is a young determined athlete who has put all the time and all the work it takes to succeed came home with not one but two national titles plus 3 bronze medals! Talking to the local press Catherine said.

“It feels awesome because I didn’t really expect (to win five medals),” Minic said. “I knew I was going in ranked first in the 200m butterfly, my best race, so coming out with four other medals is crazy.”

“I knew I was confident swimming butterfly, but I knew there were other (racers) who are better (in the other strokes), but I guess, in the right moment and the right atmosphere, I can go just as fast, if not faster, than some of the people who I thought were way better than I was,” Minic said.
























Catherines full results in the 13/14 years age category were:

100m Butterfly                  Gold

200m Butterfly                  Gold

200m Ind.Medley            Bronze

400m Ind.Medley            Bronze

1.5km Open Water          Bronze