Tentative Meet Schedule 2018 - 2019

 Please note that this schedule is tentative and may be changed based on various factors.  The schedue will hopefully be a guideline for our swimmers and coaches will let various groups know where they will swim.  There may be additional swim meets added throughout the season once we have more information.

When there are two meets in a month for certain groups, coaches will let swimmers know which ones they would like the swimmers to go to and if they are not able to attend that meet, then there may be an option of attending the other one.  At certain times, they may want to attend both meets for different reasons discussed at Parent meetings at the start of the season.  As well, sometimes swimmers may attend meets that their coach will not be at during certain times of the season based on various factors.  

When a meet is posted on the website, swimmers should sign up as soon as possible;  the reason being is that if not enough athletes look like they are signing up, then it may be taken off the schedule; as well, if it is a travel meet, generally speaking, the costs are lower when arranging earlier.  Anyone signing up late or not signing up on time for a meet, will probably not be allowed to go.

AWAY meets:  please note that once you sign up for the meet, you will be responsible for any costs listed on the meet information due to coaches having to arrange various things such as hotels, air travel, bus travel, chaperone or coaching costs incurred, etc.  So please make sure you read all the information posted beforehand.

Please click here for the tentative schedule: