Hello EMAC

We have a lot to communicate regarding the SJAC Meet.  If you intend on going, you must read this email in its entirety.  If you do not, you will risk missing information, which could negatively impact your swimmer.

  • Day/Session Commitment Review
  • Commitment Concern
  • Leaving Early
  • Team Travel Plans
  • Hotel Block Info



We need everyone who committed to the meet to review their commitments.

Swimmers are supposed to commit to the days/sessions that they will attend.  At first glance, it appears there are several mistakes here. 

HERE is a list of all the committed swimmers and the days on which they are committed to swim.  A “1” next to your swimmer indicates that they are committed to that day.  If there is not a “1” they are not committed to that day.  Please review your swimmer and make the corrections in the system.  Please remember to click on each day that they will attend.

If you have any questions, please email Coach Doug. 



Here is the breakdown of swimmers per day:

  • Thursday:  22
  • Friday:  64
  • Saturday:  99
  • Sunday:  87

What this shows is that there are many swimmers who are not going to compete for our team on Thursday and Friday, most likely due to school. 

I’ve spoken to several parents/swimmers about this and the EMAC coaching staff will remain supportive of decisions to miss a swim meet when school coincides with that day’s competition.  In fact, there are a few families who are making sacrifices to get their swimmer to the meet for even just one day...and we greatly appreciate those efforts.

While we are supportive on an individual basis, collectively I am concerned that the lack of commitment on certain days will compromise our ability to accomplish one of our major team goals this year, winning this meet. 

Imagine a football team trying to win a game with only 64% of the players playing in the second quarter.

In the interest of improving our chances at winning this meet, the coaching staff is asking swimmers and families to reconsider whether they can commit to more days. 

As we stated earlier, we will support your decision.  We’d be remiss, however, if we didn’t use this as a chance to educate.



I’ve had a few requests to leave the meet early and skip finals on Sunday.   Remember, one of our biggest team goals is to win this meet.  Another is to promote the “We vs Me” mentality.  Points aren’t handed out for prelims swims…only finals.  It is quite possible that we will be leading going into finals on Sunday night.  The worst-case scenario for building a “We vs Me” culture would be for us to be leading heading into the last session and lose that lead because some people left early.   

We do recognize that missing school can be difficult.  As a compromise, EMAC will be cancelling practice on Monday for the Wasps Group,which includes the swimmers who will be competing at finals on Sunday.  Coach O also wants to make it known that EHS swimmers staying through Sunday finals will receive the day off on Monday to catch up on work they may have missed on Thursday and Friday.  

If you are asking to lave early, please reconsider.  



Swimmers ages 13 and over have the option to make this a team travel meet.  As a team travel meet, the swimmers will travel via team bus, room with teammates and eat with the team. 

Swimmers who are eligible for team trip include:

  • Swimmers ages 13 and older
  • Swimmers competing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -or- Swimmers competing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Click HERE to see eligible swimmers highlighted in yellow.  Currently we have 36 swimmers who are eligible AND committed sufficiently to qualify for Team Travel. 

Notes on Team Travel Trip

  • The 13 and Over swimmers competing on Thursday night distance session will need to get a ride down and the bus will pick them up at the pool.
  • The 13 and Over swimmers competing Friday, Saturday, Sunday will leave on the team bus at 4 pm (departing location to be announced).
  • The cost of the trip should not exceed $380 per swimmer.  
  • The cost will include room, bus, food, and entry fees.  Estimated costs:  Room - $130, Bus - $110, Food - $90 (25$ per diem + $15 for Thurs night dinner), Entry Fees - $50
  • The cost would most likely be less than $380 per swimmer.  It’s possible for the Room, Bus, and Food cost to fluctuate based on number of swimmers and other factors. 
  • Team Bus will depart directly following finals on Sunday night.  Estimated time of departure from SJAC is 8pm on Sunday.
  • Breakfast is included at the hotel for the swimmer.
  • Lunch and dinner will either be catered or ordered through local restaurants.  More will be communicated shortly.  Please note that we plan to make reasonable accommodations for food allergies.   



We have approximately 25 rooms set aside at the Team Hotel, and we are booking a few other room blocks across the area.  These will be made available on October 3rd


The coaching staff can't wait to see our efforts and our growth over the next few meets as we build toward an awesome showing at SJAC.