Learn to swim lessons


Welcome to SSAN Sea Turtles Learn to swim program!  Each month will typically include 8 lessons but may be more or less, depending on the month.  You'll need to renew your lessons each month.  Lessons will be offered Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  We also offer 15 minute private lessons once a week.  If your instructor needs to cancel the lesson or there is inclement weather that forces a shut down of the pool, your instructor will reschedule the class.  There will be no refunds or make-up lessons given if you are unable to attend your class. 

Online registartion is at https://www.teamunify.com/SwimLessons.jsp?_tabid_=84291&team=gussan

Or click the SWIM LESSONS tab on the home page of www.swimstreamline.com

Each class will consist of a maximum of 4 swimmers.  The minimum age for swimmers is 3 years of age and potty trained.  Sorry, no swim diapers.

Any skill level can register for Sea Turtles I.  The class time will be split evenly between the participants.  Your swimmer will receive specific instruction based on the level they are currently at.  Some swimmers in this group, may, at the instructor’s discretion, use a kickboard or practice their skill independently while the instructor is working with other swimmers.  Please understand that each instructor knows best which swimmers are confident enough to do this and always have their safety in mind.

To register for Sea Turtles II, your swimmer must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke independently.  This class will have a maximum of 4 swimmers and will function as a group.  They will receive further stroke refinement in freestyle and backstroke and may learn butterfly and/or breaststroke.  Your instructor will let you know when your swimmer is ready to move to Sea Turtles II if you are currently in lessons.

We have two enthusiastic and skilled instructors (Katherine and Nick) that are excited to begin working with your swimmers.

We look forward to seeing your kiddos on the pool deck!!!

Please contact Jennifer Scott at Jennifer.boone.scott@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Instructor Emails:

1.  nick.jansa@gmail.com

2.  katherinehillc@gmail.com

***All lessons are at the Klein Oak High School pool.  The entrance is located near the football field.  Use the sidewalk between the high school and the portable classrooms and continue to the last entrance on the right.  Once inside, the pool is the first door on the left.***