2018 SNS Elite Camp ROSTER

The following athletes were selected to be part of a roster of thirty Sierra Nevada Swimming athletes that will participate in the 2018 SNS Senior and Age Group Elite Camp to be held on November 5-8, 2018 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  This is the first time our LSC will be holding both Senior and Age Group Elite Camps together.  Thank you to all the applicants and congratulations again to the Selectees.

Winn Aung                             Max Leisten
Natalie Bercutt                       Brooke Beauvais
Jayne Brandt                         Lily Magda
Audrey Bull                            Grace Mering
Alexandra Bulris                    Julia Miles
Brady Calkins                        Diana Neagu
Victoria Cao                           Matthew Ng
Noah Carver                          Milton Nguyen
Mary Brooke Chandler          Alissa Ongaco
Sean Christianson                Christopher Ranlett
Kaikea Crews                        Anamaria Ristic
Hayden Ghufran                    Amy Schroeder
Rosey Gomes                       Thomas Spradley
Alexis Haymart                      Valerie Vong
Lucy Huang                          Rebecca Waterson