We have posted all the SAL Swim Meets for the Season (diving meets will be posted shortly).  At some point on Monday all of the job signups will go live. Here are a few IMPORTANT guidelines/rules to know so please read to the end.  Some of the information is different from previous years:

  • Each Family (except HS families) is REQUIRED to work 4 SAL jobs (this includes all 5 SAL Dual Meets and The Conference and League champs Meets- 7 meets total).
  • Each Family is REQUIRED to work a Trophy Meet Job at our Pool on November 18th. Jobs for this meet are already posted. (HS- only if participating)
  • Each Family is required to work an A or B Champs job if their child is participating.  (meets/jobs will be posted in January 2019)
  • ALL MEETS/JOBS are under the "team function" tab in the section below the photos on our team home page.  You MUST log in to see this information.
  • We have A LOT more girls than boys.  That said, Time Trials and Pretzel/Donut Sales are currently ONLY for girl parents!!!! If you have a boy swimmer, you will be removed from the signup as there are plenty of boy jobs available. Sorry!
  • If you have both a boy and girl swimmer, please sign up for 3 boy jobs and 1 girl job.
  • If you have a swimmer/diver- please sign up for 2 swim jobs and 2 dive jobs.
  • Currently, you may only sign up for 1 job per meet.

Please make sure you abide by these guidelines and we should not have a problem of there being NO jobs available for people to complete their requirements.  Failure to complete job requirements will results in a charge on your card of $250 at the end of the year. We make every effort to work with families to get their jobs in.  However, there is nothing we can do for you if you come to us the last two meets of the season and have yet to complete 1 job.

Thanks and as always, please let myself or our meet directors know if you have any questions.

Alyssa McDuell- Girls Meet Director

Christina Potts- Boys Meet Director

Tracy Stressman- NPAC President

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