October Swim Meet Planning

SEVA Families,


I hope the swim season has gotten off to a good start for your swimmer. Starting with the first day of practice we are working/teaching stroke drills and the basic skills that are SO IMPORTANT for swimmers to work on every day no matter how long they have been swimming. Your swimmer will be learning and working on so many things during the season. The improvement each season is fun to watch.


This is a “Team Activities/Swim Meet Planning” e-mail that you will receive each month with information about the swim meets and team activities scheduled for each month. It is our goal to educate and inform you about the competitions during that month so you have an understanding of when your swimmer will participate and help you plan your family's schedule. Each monthly the Swim Meet Planning e-mail will also be posted to the “Team Update” section of our web sites home page.


October 6 7: IMX/IMRKickoff Meet at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center in Richmond, (13 & Older swimmers in the Senior Premier and Senior Elite Groups will be entered). Therewill be an option for your swimmer to Team Travel using rented vans. The vans will be returning to the Peninsula each day. Preliminary information: 5:10am arrival at departure location. 5:30 am departure timeeach day from the office building at Patrick Henry Mall (an I-64/West Point Exit, pickup/drop-off can be arranged). On Deck time is 6:45am. Warm-ups begin at 7:00 am, the meet will start at 8:00 am. Projected finish time is 11:00 am. A lunch stop will be made on the way back to the Peninsula each day. Projected return time to Newport News is between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm.


October 13– 14: A/BB/B/C Meet (ALL Levels) at Midtown (SEVA Sponsored). THIS MEET HAS BEEN CANCELED. Please see the UPDATE previously e-mailed and posted to the Team Update section of the home page of our web site.


The meet that has been scheduled as a replacement for the competition listed above.


October 12 – 14: A/BB/B/C Meet (ALL Levels) at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center in Richmond.Please note the following as to which swimmers will be entered.


Friday Evening (11 & Older 400 IM & 1000 Free) On Deck Time: 4:15 pm. Swimmers in the Age Group Elite Group would swim one of these events. Coach Marcos may have a few Senior Prep swimmers that he would like to enter. No swimmers in the Gold, Silver or Bronze Groups will be entered on Friday.


Saturday & Sunday (12 & Unders compete in the morning AM session, 7:15 am is the earliest possible On Deck Time. 13 & Older swimmers compete in the afternoon PM Session, 12:15 PM On Deck Time.)


8 & Unders: Since there is an 8 & Under meet at Ft. Eustis on the following weekend (Saturday, October 20th) No 8 & Unders in the Bronze or Silver Group will be entered in the Richmond meet. BUT, if for some reason your swimmer can not compete on Oct. 20th, we can enter them in Richmond meet. If possible, we would like the 8 & Unders in the Gold Group to compete on one day of the Richmond meet and also on Oct. 20th.


Swimmers in the Senior Premier and Senior Elite Groups will not be entered unless you have planned to do this with your swimmers coach.


All other swimmers aged 9 to 18 will be entered in this meet unless a “No Enter Note” has been sent and confirmed as received. If needed, send the “No Enter Note” to A preliminary list of events your swimmer will be entered in will be posted to your online line account by Monday evening. If for some reason your swimmer is not able to participate on one or more days of this meet, please e-mail Coach Dave and let him know at Telling your swimmers coach does not stop them from getting entered in any meet. It is not possible for a coach to remember a swimmer or parent telling them that they cannot attend part of or all of meet. Many times the coaching staff is working on two or more meets at one time. Notices ALWAYS must be sent by e-mail. THANK YOU for your help.


October 20: 8 & Under meet at Ft. Eustis. On deck arrival time is 11:15. Warm-ups start at 11:30 and the meet starts at 12:00 noon. It should end at approximately 2:00 pm. The vast majority of our 8 & unders will compete in the 25 yard events of all strokes as long as they can do the stroke legally. There will be relays at this meet.


October 27– 28: Speedo Eastern States Senior Circuit, Prince Georges Maryland.Swimmers in the Senior Premier and Senior Elite will be entered. Team Travel will be offered. This is a very popular meet and the host team has to limit the entries from each participating team.

Practice will be held at normal start times on Friday, October 26th. Swimmers will finish practices at 5:30 pm. A location will be decided on the swimmers to eat dinner before departing. Please plan on bringing dinner to your swimmer at Midtown at 5:30 pm. Departure will be at approximately 6:30pm. Saturday has two timed finals sessions. On Deck time for the 1stsession is 6:45 am with the meet starting at 8:30 am. On Deck time for the 2ndsession is 2:45 pm with a start time of 4:00 pm. On Deck Time for Sundays 1650 Free will be between 6:15 am and 8:00 am depending on where each swimmer is seeded. The meet starts at 7:30 am. Swimmers not competing in the 1650 Free have an on Deck Time of 9:45 am with a session start time of 11:00 am. The meet is projected to be finished by 3:30 pm. Targeted return time to Newport News is 7:30 pm.


A Look Into November


If your swimmer is in the Gold, Age Group, Age Group Elite, Senior Prep, Senior Premier and Senior Elite Groups, you may hear them talking about the November 9 – 11 Big Southern Classic Meet in Cary, North Carolina. This is one of the mid-season/non-championship meets that the coaching staff will use as a goal for your swimmer to qualify to attend when talking to them in group or individual meetings. We highly recommend attending this meet in a great facility and location for any swimmer that qualifies. A swimmer that has ONE “BB” time in either yards or meters can swim a full or close to a full schedule of events. The Team Travel option will be available for 13 & older swimmers in any group. If it is not possible for your swimmer to attend or they do not qualify, there will be a meet at Midtown on the same weekend.