2017 Santa Monica Swim Meet

Congratulations to all our Vision swimmers on what could be one of the most successful swim meets in club history! 

With 25 participants spread over two days of meets, it was quite a delight hearing “Vision Swim” over and over again as announced by the PA, most of the time, as heat winners.

It would be too much if I had to write about every swimmer but I do have some ‘special mentions’:

  1. A big welcome to our first-time competitors, you did quite a good job on your first ever meet for Vision Swim:


  1. Jennifer Dansirmitri
  2. Michael Faiman
  3. Anthony Flores
  4. Michael Flores
  5. Luke Fogg
  6. Daniel Katsanovich
  7. Greg Kislik
  8. Alexander Rodriquez


  1. To our top three (by gender) swimmers who garnered the most points during the meet:


  1. Women:
    • Eileen Portillo – 92 points
    • Lara Villavicencio – 57 points
    • Ava Khatibi – 37 points


  1. Men:
    • Uzziel Corona  - 86 points
    • Jean Darbo – 70 points
    • Canyon Marasigan – 69 points


  1. To our parents!  Thank you for sharing food! Thank you for making the timing easy to manage! Thank you for being positive cheerleaders to your kids!


Here’s a link to pictures during the meet, mostly taken and edited by John Marasigan, thank again!:

Few reminders:

  1. A couple of meets coming up, great chance to improve your times and/or swim events you’ve never swam before.
  2. If you haven’t done so, download meet mobile on your phones to keep track of your swimmers during meets.
  3. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact myself, Mitch Blank or Ara Maroudian… as much as possible, let’s not bother the coaches during practice.

Again, way to start off the season Vision Swim!  Let’s keep this up!