EMAC: On-The-Horizon 10/1/18


This Week:

  • Oct 1:  First day of morning practice
  • Oct 2:  Deadline for SJAC commitment
  • Oct 3:  Bleacher talk:  Bees and Wasps
  • Oct 4:  Bleacher talk:  Bees
  • Oct 6:  EMAC Pentathlon (no am practice for Killer Bees)
  • Oct 7:  PAAC Pentathlon

Next Week:

  • Oct 8:    No school ESPD, currently looking into our practice time
  • Oct 9:    No school ESPD, regular practice times
  • Oct 13:  Killer Bee practice:  7-9 am
  • Oct 13:  EMAC Alloy Alliance


Coach Doug will be starting an ongoing, occasional attempt at parent education titled “Bleacher Talk.”

Bleacher Talk is when Coach Doug or another coach joins EMAC Parents in the stands to discuss important topics and to answer some questions.   

Parents, did you know that Caeleb Dressel is not the fastest swimmer in the pool?  Did you know the velocity created by elite swimmers during the push-off is twice as fast as the velocity with which they swim?

Come join Coach Doug as he dissects why the push-off is the most important skill your swimmer can learn this year.  Be prepared to watch videos, analyze the importance, and ask questions.  Coach Seth will be setting up practice on those days in a way that will help Coach Doug illustrate the dynamics at work when we are working on this skill.

WHEN SHOULD I BE THERE:  Coach Doug will be giving a presentation at the start of the group practices:

  • BEES:  Wednesday and Thursday:  4:45 start
  • WASPS:  Wednesday:   5:45 start

EMAC Pentathlon

I will be sending out a separate email with information on the Pentathlon.  Look for that email as there are slight changes to the timelines.

October 8 and 9

EPSD has off of school on these two days.  We have regular practice hours on Oct 9.  We have early practice hours currently for Oct 8, but we are looking into whether we can run a normal practice timeline for our BEES and WASPS on that day.  Look for an email clarifying this shortly.

Killer Bee Saturday Practices

The first Saturday practice for Killer Bees will be on Saturday, October 13. 


Team Suits: 

  • Will be picked up tomorrow at D&J.    We will be arranging for apparel to be delivered at the pool.

Registration Caps and Shirts

  • Non-personalized Latex Caps:  on their way.  Not sure if they will be here by this weekend.
  • Registration Shirts:  2 of the 3 shirts have come in.  We are hoping that the third will arrive shortly. 

Speedo Apparel:

  • D&J expects to be done by the middle of next week.

Team Merchandise from Schuylkill Valley Sports:

  • Hoping to have that in by the end of the week. 
  • We will keep you posted.