Family Commitment Refund Information 2017/2018

2017/2018 Family Commitment Refunds


Canyons Aquatic Club sincerely appreciates all of your help throughout the 2017-2018 swim year. It is because of families like yours that our club has become one of the most successful swim clubs in the nation.

In the 2017-2018 swim year, Canyons charged each family of pre comp swimmers $10 per month as a family commitment fee.  All other groups paid $25.00 per month. There is no family commitment fee for swim school.  Families that swam for all 11 months (July was a free month) were only charged for 10 months (max of $250 or $100). This fee structure was based on last year's team organization. 

Lastly, and for those of you requesting a check. PLEASE, make sure that the address on the account is up to date as that is where the check will be sent. If the check is sent to the wrong address because the account is not up to date and a new check is requested to be sent, Canyons will charge a ‘cancelled check bank fee’ to the person financially responsible on the account.


 If you volunteered in the 2017-2018 swim year and would like to claim a refund of your family commitment fees for service hours worked, please follow these simple steps: 


1)   Go to
2)   Log in to and click on the My Account box (left side)
3)   Next, click on $My Invoice/Payment box (left side)
4)   Click on Service Hours tab (next to Invoices tab, center screen)
5)   Look under Obligation & Adjustments, 11/2007 row(2nd row down). 
6)   If this number is a negative number less than 50, subtract this balance from 50 and the answer will be the service hours worked. Multiply this answer by 5 to get the refund amount.  Note: refunds are earned at $5 per hour. The maximum refund you can earn is $250 or the total you contributed to the fund.  Families who worked extra hours cannot be compensated beyond their contribution, but Canyons appreciates your support and extra volunteer service is always noted.
7)   Determine what you want to do with your refund. Do you want it all? Do you want to take some and donate some to the club? Do you want to donate the entire refund to the club? Note: donated funds will be acknowledged with a letter from Canyons for use on your tax returns.
8)   You can print out the attached document,fill it out, and bring it to the COC pool office. Or, the fastest method is to email it to Walter Rodriguez, our volunteer coordinator at  and state your name, your swimmer’s name, and the amount that you would like to be reimbursed or donated. To avoid confusion, PLEASE SEND ONLY THE FORM. Also, Please do not give the completed form to your coach.


 Questions?  Please contact your volunteer coordinator,  Walter Rodriguez at


Canyons will attempt to get your check to you as quickly as possible - please expect a two to three week turn around. 


  All Family Commitment Refunds must be claimed by 12/15/2018 



Canyons Family Commitment Refund 


Parent Name:____________________________________________ 



Swimmers(s) Name_______________________________________ 



Total refund earned ______________________________________ 



Please, check mark one:


____ Please, send me a full refund 


____ Please, send me a refund of_______and donate the rest to Canyons Aquatic Club 


____ Please, apply my refund as a credit on my account towards future tuition/meet charges 


____ Please, donate 100% of my refund to Canyons Aquatic Club