Week 5 - Fueling Your Body


Happy Sunday Bengal Families! 

What a FUN Saturday it was to spend together yesterday! Congratulations again to the White Team for eeking out a win. And thank you to everyone who participated! Parents, I really couldn't do this without your support and I am very grateful. 

This week we are talking about Fueling Your Body. What I mean by fueling your body is a thoughtful plan on what athletes are putting in their bodies to fuel them at practice and at meets, as well as help them recover quickly, avoid injury and ensure they are performing at their best. What I am NOT talking about is dieting or restricting food, I am talking about using food as fuel for success. I am not a dietition but I did consult with a registered dietition on all of the information I am sharing today. 

The first essential ingrediant for fueling your body is WATER. Water is crucial both for fuel and for recovery. Athlete should start their day with water and have water throughout the day instead of sugary drinks. Water may be "boring" but it is THE BEST fuel for brain function, muscle function, muscle recovery and overall good health. I reccomend water over gateraid or other sport drinks because it is your body's best advocate for health in a pure form. 

When it comes to food we are looking at BALANCE of all the healthy foods that should be apart of their diet. These athletes are training 2+ hours a day 6 days away so they need the right foods to support that. Meals should include a lean protien, healthy fat, healthy carb, veggie and fruit. Lean protien and veggies should be the biggest parts of every meal. The reason we like a lean protien focused meal is becuase that is what keeps athletes fuller, longer so they can be focused in school and at practice. We like veggies becuase often the veggies have nutrients that your body needs to opertate at 100%. Fruits are the best way to get natural sugar for quick energy that helps the metabolism move in the right way. 

The reason we want to focus in those areas is to keep athletes full, focused and able to repair the muscle breakdown we have in practice. When it comes to portions they should be focused on having their protien and veggie take up to 3/4ths of the plate and their carb can take up 1/4th. Healthy snacks should be focused on the fruit/veggie/protien variety. We will be talking more this week about what balanced, healthy meals look like that fuel their bodies. Foods that are not fuel include all pop, candy and heavily processed foods. Doctors say you should have less then 18g of sugar per day and many yogurts can contain that in a single serving so having athetes be conscious of how much sugar they are bringing in to their fuel for success. 

It is important to me that they have a healthy relationship with food and use it as a way to fuel their bodies just as you take care of your car so it can perform when they ask it to. We are going to talk about it all week long so I am sure you will see more e-mails from me on the topic :) We have two meets this week we want to be fueled and ready to perform at our best! 

Bengal Invite - This is a Varsity Event and athletes will know if they are in the meet or not by Tuesday Afternoon. If they are not in the meet they can come on deck and support their team or volunteer! Swimmers who are in the meet are expected to be at the meet by 9am to watch and support our divers! Diving starts at 9am Swimming starts at 1pm. Please let me know if you have questions. 

Schedule for the week

Monday: Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity Wetland: 5:30-6pm
Tuesday: Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity Wetland 5:30-6pm and Pasta Feed after practice 
Wednesday: Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity Wetland 5:30-6pm 
Thursday: Home vs. Maple Grove - There WILL be the regular shuttle and athltes can do their homework until we get ready for the meet
Friday: Practice 3:30-5:30 JV Yoga 5-5:30 Varsity Yoga 5:30-6pm 
Saturday - Bengal Invite: Diving starts at 9am Swimming starts at 1pm

As always, please reach out if you have questions. Today we are doing what others won't so tomorrow we can do what others can't. And I am so proud. 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving