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Swim Meet Updates!

Swim Meet Updates!

Team, we have updated all the TBA's on our meet schedule AND there were some major changes voted on and approved at the NC House of Delegates this weekend, the main thing is the JO's and Senior Champs switched weekends in February due to the NBA All Star game being held in Charlotte, NC.  Also, as many of you know we've been on the waiting list for the Va Tech meet, we did not get in so at this point are removing from the schedule, December meet options will be Capital Classic (high level) or TYDE Winter Invite (all levels), or possibly Triad Tropic at GAC, see recommendations for December Champs here:

  • Dec Champ Meets (all GCY swimmers pick at least 1, CC qualifiers 2):
    • Capital Classic: All qualifiers make this your top priority meet, it is a full 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so you will need to miss school to participate Friday.  This is like a mini-YMCA Nationals, a great atmosphere, prelims/finals, and gets you eligible to swim YMCA Nationals for both short/long course (only other eligibility meet is USRY in Duncan, SC in March, you have to do 1 of the 2 to compete at YMCA Nationals each year).  We are guarenteed entry into this meet for time standards click here
    • TYDE Winter Invite: All Makos and non-Capital Classic qualifiers choose this meet, held at Gateway YWCA in Winston-Salem, NC.  
    • STAR Triad Tropic: Capital Classic participants do this one too and choose OFF events or no more than 1-2 of your BEST events for a repeat.  Non-Capital Classic qualifiers that choose this meet do BEST events here.  We are not guarenteed entry, but likely ok, sending in entry file by November 1st, possibly sooner so register if you plan to attend.

All changes/additions are reflected here in the new schedule in RED:


Also, here are the results so far in the offered meets so far for 2018-2019 - if your swimmer has not participated in a meet yet, please look over and sign-up today - meet participation is a key element in swimmer development!

2018-2019 Meet Results (hopefully ALL gcy swimmers have done at least 1 meet, if NOT sign-up for one today):

Ribbons/Awards are available for pick-up!

Carolina Cup Open Water Invite    

GCY Back-to-School Invitational Full Results

QUAD Meet Results (GCY vs MOR, GSA, and Enfinity)