EMERGENCY Marlins Team Swim CAP Order!!!

We are pressed for time to order our Manhattan Marlins Team Swim Caps this year and have them in time for our home meet. But we can get it done! 

Email Coach Taylor ASAP with your cap order: Tell me which cap you want & how many of them. I need it by Friday - this week. That is October 12th! This is the white cap you have seen members wear. This year, we are going to order the more traditional classic silicone material for comparison, rather than the softer one we now have.

It comes, once again, in 4 different choices. There is the larger cap for swimmers with a lot of hair, with or without a name. And there is the regular-sized cap, with or without a name. Most swimmers should order the regular-sized cap. Those few of you with a lot of hair, you know who you are!

Those who want names, the name will be placed on the forehead once again and this requires a 2 cap minimum order. Names are useful in that no one else can take your cap. It has your name on it! The prices are extremely reasonable. A great deal!!! You will be billed for the caps you order. No $ up front.

Regular No Name: $6.35 per cap 

Large Hair No Name: $7.35 per cap

Regular With Name (2 caps minimum): $8.85 per cap ($17.70 minimum)

Large Hair With Name (2 caps minimum): $9.85 per cap ($19.70 minimum)

Contact Coach Taylor with your order today!

Go Marlins!