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Super Lil Legends Nights 2018-2019

Back by popular demand in 2018-2019 is our Super Lil’ Legends Night program!

For those new to the Super Lil’ Legends Night concept, on designated Super Lil’ Legends Nights the competitive groups of the club will lend their regular pool space to our Lil’ Legends programs.  With the enhanced space we will welcome all Lil’ Legends swimmers to attend Super Lil’ Legend Night.  For example, if a Super Lil’ Legends Night occurs on a Monday night, those enrolled in the Tuesday/Thursday program are welcome to attend.

Swimmers may participate in Super Lil’ Legends Night for a full 90 minutes (3:30-5PM) OR just their regular 45 minute session (3:30-4:15 or 4:15-5).  Organizers will be prepared for participation at either level.

At this time we are only able to schedule Super Lil Legends Nights for the Aquarena.  It is our intention to run at least two dates at the Paul Reynolds facility however scheduling for those will have to be done at a later date for administrative reasons.

On Super Lil’ Legends Nights you can expect to see guest coaches from our competitive program coming out to help and lend expertise to our Lil’ Legends.  You may also find senior swimmers in the club coming out to help out and teach fun, new, and exciting skills to our emerging Legends stars of tomorrow!

Our current schedule of Super Lil’ Legends Nights is as follows…

SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #1                                     Monday, October 22nd                   Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #2                                     Monday, November 5th                  Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #3                                     Monday, November 26th                Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #4                                     Monday, January 28th                    Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #5                                     Monday, March 4th                        Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #6                                     Monday, March 25th                      Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #7                                     Monday, May 6th                           Aquarena
SUPER LIL LEGENDS NIGHT #8                                     Monday, June 10th                        Aquarena

Schedule is subject to change.

PDF with Super Lil Legends dates.