SWAT, Update, Timeline, Weather the Storm

Meet Schedule Countdown

Its mid-October, we’re in the grind and it’s easy to lose focus with everything going on. Keep in mind the season moves quick and one of the demands of our sport is long term focus. Prepare for delayed gratification.

Attached is the remaining meet schedule for the 2018-2019 Short Course Season and our Timeline. Our mid-season championship meets are getting close and will be here before we know it. Make sure you have them marked on your calendar.

Click Here for the Season Timeline


“Weather the Storm; Don’t Make Any Hasty Decisions in October”

Years ago a colleague of mine told me “Don’t make any hasty decisions in October”.  This is a sentiment I have tried to remember year to year and pass down to all my swimmers ever since. October is when “it all hits”. We are well into the swim season and the athletes’ training load is at %100. We are well into the school year and the study load for the athletes is at %100. Outdoors, the weather starts to change, it gets colder and we lose sunlight; Then comes cold and flu season. At home the balance between managing work schedules, swim practices, carpools, social functions, competitions, meetings, etc, all pile up and becomes emotionally taxing. The period of mid-October through mid-November is the hardest during the school year, “Weather the Storm!” Like that coach told me years ago, don’t let this time of the year guide any decisions you make because it is most likely an emotional decision made out of frustration (and/or exhaustion) and one you are likely to regret later on. Things do settle down, we get used to the schedules and learn how to manage them better. Keep in mind that this is all here to develop our athletes and prepare them for what lies beyond Spokane.  Eventually they will have to “Weather the Storm” on their own without parental, coaching or peer guidance. Our goal is to teach life skills as well as fast swimming. What better environment to learn that than SWAT?

See you at the pool