October Booster Meeting Notes

Booster Meeting 10/8/18

5:00 pm

In Attendance :  Cynthia, Liz, Beth, Teresa, Jerry, Nicole, Janet & Yvette

Retreat Info.  :  Janet will be sending out more information

Going over first half of yearly budget, removing what was not used and inputting information on what was used and adjusted costs. 

Awards Potluck: 

Agenda- to help run smoothly.  Booster will provide drinks, paper products. 

Look at the last names of athletes to divide so there is more main dishes.

Beth will send out a email to sign up, bring chairs and what potluck item to bring.

A-K sides; L-R main; S-Z dessert.


Starting Budget $200

Going over how many officials and coaches that need to be fed.  Discussion on allocating more money to make it great!  More money for prizes, talk about what activities can be done.  Who would run them. Increase on budget for food for coaches and officials.  Need to provide Breakfast on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.  Yanni has a contact for burritos, she will get in touch with them.  Decision to increase Spook budget to $200 for prizes and awards, $300 for food.   ** Agreement on holding timer trainings before spook so we have plenty of timers. 

Duke swag:

Budget $350

Using to purchase duke water bottles and candy as welcome to our team gifts. 

If we purchase 150 bottles it is a better price and would carry us through till next year (next years budget for swag was $600) so we are still under budget.  Agreement to adjust this years swag budget to $452.00 to cover the cost of the water bottles. 

Duke Retreat:

Budget $250

Let Janet know we had included this in our budget to help offset the cost to athletes that may not be able to afford it.  Discussion on increase if needed to cover total cost.   Increase if needed to $300.00

Duke Fun Day/ HS party:

Budget $300.

Date of party December 20th

Discussion of what it entails and what needs to be purchased. 

Grier tournament:

Budget $800

Talk about what we are going to do for food for our athletes, we will revisit closer to event.

Elite Pro Am swim meet:  in Texas Dec. 13-16. Discussion on if booster is able to help.  Needs more discussion since this would only benefit 3-4 athletes.  We had previously discussed that we would like to help out where needed but on items and activities that benefit the majority of athletes. 

Meeting adjourned : 6:30 (estimate)